Today, we'd like to introduce an article about the future prospects of Korean National Food Cluster, highlighted by a global research institute. Fraunhofer Institute IVV is a German research institute that performs studies on food product commercialization. What would the institute say on Korea's food industry and Korean National Food Cluster? Dr. Horst-Christian Langowski, director of the Fraunhofer Institute IVV and professor at Technical University of Munich, has presented the future vision ...


  1.Creating the National Food Cluster industrial complex The industrial complex development work, which started in March 2014, is expected to be completed by the end of 2016 with the possibility of starting the construction of the factory. The company is hoping to move into the complex early this year.   2.Completing the construction of the company supporting facility in the Korea National Food Cluster


Communicating and Building a Shared Vision Regarding the Direction of Development for Korea’s Food Industry in 2016 Reviewing Pending Challenges at the Joint Workshop of the Korea National Food Cluster From November 19th to November 20th, 2015 (Friday – Saturday), over the course of 2 days and a night, a joint workshop was held at the Geumgang Experience Center in Seongdangpo-gu, Iksan-si of Jeollabuk-do, for affiliated institutions sharing leadership in theNational Food Cluster. To ...


The Korea National Food Cluster has been operating temporary research institutes even before the completion of the corporate support facility in order to support local corporations. The temporary research institutes have been established in two neighboring universities (Wonkwang University, Specialized Campus of Chonbuk National University) to discover join R&D demand with food corporations and research institutes that are set to move into the cluster, and to create tangible technical support achievements. The main ...


Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the number of food corporations knocking on the Korea National Food Cluster’s door. Domestic corporations such as Harim Foods, Joun Health, WonKwang Pharm, and AZ System as well as 6 foreign corporations, including Hampton Grains (US), Gold of Prague (Czech), andQiaomama (China) have completed their foreign investment reports, which is welcome news. Interested in the Korea National Food Cluster but have yet to knock on its doors? Then ...


In order to spread the news of the Korea National Food Cluster, a Korean food cluster located in Iksan, Jeonbuk, to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the rest of Southeast Asia, editor ‘DenicCabel’ of the ‘Asia Food Journal’ graced Korea with her presence. She met with Choi Hee Jong, the president of the Korea National Food Cluster Support Center, to ask various questions on the motivation behind ...


This past October 5th, the Korea National Food Cluster welcomed Bionics To the Core Co., Ltd. (BTC) to the fold, and the time has come to introduce the cluster’s new family member. As the 5th domestic corporation to sign a land allocation contract with the cluster, BTC joins Harim, WonKwang Pharm, Joun Health, and AZ System as a local corporation within  the Korea National Food Cluster.  ...


Excellent Agrifood Purchase Support The Korea National Food Cluster prioritizes support for food corporations that have signed land allocation and move-in contracts with it by using funds (KRW 50.5 billion in 2014) for purchasing domestic agriculture produce. - Support Target: Agrifood Processers, (Support Interest Rate) 4.0% Annually - Business Duty: Purchase at least 125% of support funds worth of domestic agricultural produce - Limit of Support: Within KRW 3 ...


Workshop on the Korea National Food Cluster and Establishment of Regional Strategic Food Industry R&D Network As the Korea National Food Cluster nears completion, domestic and foreign food corporations alike are showing increased interested in the industrial complex. Detailed discussions are in place regarding signing land allocation contracts with domestic health food corporations and local food small and medium enterprises (SME), and the contracts ...


Hello! This is the blog keeper for the Korea National Food Cluster blog. It was announced that a part of the Korea National Food Cluster food industrial complex was designated as a “Small and Medium Cooperative Foreign Investment Zone (FIZ).” The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s (MOTIE)Foreign Investment Committee (Chairperson: Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy) newly designated 116,000㎡ of the 1,399,000㎡ that made up the ...