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Korea National Food Cluster Temporary Research Institute to Enhance R&D Support for Corporate High Value Products

The Korea National Food Cluster has been operating temporary research institutes even before the completion of the corporate support facility in order to support local corporations. The temporary research institutes have been established in two neighboring universities (Wonkwang University, Specialized Campus of Chonbuk National University) to discover join R&D demand with food corporations and research institutes that are set to move into the cluster, and to create tangible technical support achievements.

The main purpose of the temporary research institutes involves functional evaluation support, quality and safety, food packaging, and international joint technical support (R&D) projects. Here is a quick analysis of the cutting-edge R&D system of the temporary research institutes, which have earned praise from domestic and international food corporations as well as invited foreign press corps! Corporations that are currently encountering difficulties in developing high value products would do well to pay close attention.


01. Functional Food Evaluation Support

The temporary research institutes provide standardization and functional evaluation needed for the development of health functional foods. A temporary research institute required for this task has been constructed in Wonkwang University in an area of 336m², and is currently carrying out joint research assignments with corporations to support their commercialization development. Farms and corporations can make use of the temporary research institute’s excellent infrastructure to carry out research activities that they find difficult to carry out themselves.

For instance, they carry out base studies for the development of high value products that utilize domestic chokeberries, which are said to contain anti-aging, sight improvement, and anti-cancer effects. By making healthy and delicious products with sour chokeberries, it is possible to enhance farm income and give birth to an amazing hit product that can be exported overseas.

Scale of Support for Functional Food R&D

The temporary research institute carries out tests from material searches to the vitro testing of functional evaluation experiments, and will carry out biological testing and safety evaluation testing on rodents after 2016. Furthermore, safety evaluation testing and clinical testing will be carried out with the cooperation of corporations in the future.


02. Quality and Safety, Food Packaging

A temporary research institute in the field of quality and safety and food packaging has been prepared in the Iksan Campus of Chonbuk National University in an area of 425.5㎡. In the quality and safety field, the research institute supports the symbolic quality analysis of products linked with subjective sensory evaluation and scientific equipment analysis.

In the food packaging field, the research institute ensures improved quality and extended shelf life of products by designing proper packaging materials through research on components of packaging and property research.


03. International Joint Project for R&D Support

The International Joint Project for R&D Support is to support international joint R&D conducted by leading food corporations, laboratories, and universities at home and abroad in order to build a global network and introduce advanced foreign technology. The period and scope are respectively 3 years and within KRW 500 million. There are currently 3 projects currently being researched, those being IT convergence research, the study of globalization of Korean food, and R&D of global target high-value added products.

The Korea National Food Cluster’s temporary research institutes are scheduled to support R&D related to functional food development, quality and safety, and packaging for corporations that have been allocated land in the industrial complex and corporations that are set to move into the complex before the corporate support facilities are completed at the end of June next year. They will operate an expert coordination system that provides one-stop support from the application stage to result application in order to resolve the difficulties of local corporations.

They will implement joint research with distinguished foreign food research institutes such as the NIZO and TNO research institutes of Netherlands’s Food Valley, a global food complex. They will also actively support domestic food corporations that have moved into the Korea National Food Cluster to grant them international competitiveness.

Any domestic or foreign food corporation seeking global competitiveness but lacking the infrastructure to do so are encourage to knock on the doors of the Korea National Food Cluster’s temporary research institutes and grab ahold of the chance to leap forward.

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