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A tour of companies in the Foreign Investment Zone Promoting the excellence of Czech beer, “Gold of Prague”

151211-영문Hello. Today, we introduce you to the ‘Gold of Prague’, a beer company from the Czech Republic which recently reported its foreign investment to open shop in the Korea National Food Cluster (Foodpolis). Gold of Prague is a beer brewer with its headquarters based in Prague, Czech Republic. After signing an MOU for investment with Foodpolis earlier this year, Gold of Prague received rave reviews from consumers at various promotional events including the Seoul Food 2015 and the Korea National Food Cluster. Based on such positive feedback from the market, Gold of Prague completed its registration of foreign investment on May 15 and plans on having a business presence in Foodpolis by the second half of 2016. The expected brewery in Foodpolis will feature beer brewing facilities in the traditional Czech style, and will produce five million liters of beer each year.

Promoting traditional Czech beer!

<Gold of Prague> and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs signed an MOU for investment on January 25, 2015

‘Gold of Prague’ brews beer according to a recipe created at the brewery of Brevnov Monastery which was built around the tenth century AD. One of the oldest monasteries in the Czech Republic, Brevnov Monastery and its brewery produced barley beer or lager made with hops. In the 17th century, production ground to a halt because there wasn’t enough storage space to mature the beer.
‘Gold of Prague’ beer doesn’t use rice, additives or chemical agents and it doesn’t reuse post-brewing water. This is why ‘Gold of Prague’ tastes fresh and smooth just like it would if you were to drink it in the Czech Republic, the home of lager beer.

Gold of Prague enters Foodpolis to expand into the Northeast Asian market

Aerial shot of Gold of Prague’s beer brewery in the Czech Republic
(Source. Korean Facebook page for the <Gold of Prague>)

The Korea National Food Cluster and ‘Gold of Prague’ began their relationship on February 24 when Gold of Prague CEO Lukas Mikeska visited Korea as part of an economic delegation to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and the Czech Republic. As CEO at Gold of Prague, Mikeska said he chose the Korea National Food Cluster as a place to begin business operations because Foodpolis was an industrial complex exclusively for the food industry where he could expect to generate synergies by establishing networks with the R&D systems and other companies already in Foodpolis. He also considered the Cluster’s proximity to a port advantageous should his company decide to enter the Chinese market. At present, Gold of Prague is brewing its beer by OEM from the Czech Republic but once it opens its brewery in the Korea National Food Cluster, the company will produce beer in its Korean brewery. The only difference compared to the beer in the Czech Republic will be that the water which will be used will be the clean waters of Jeollabuk-do in Korea. To think that the best Czech beer in the world will be produced in Korea really fills me with anticipation.


We’re determined to usher in a new era of Czech beer at Foodpolis!
‘Gold of Prague’ has taken notice of the growing market for beer in Northeast Asia including Korea in recent years. As such, it plans to produce and supply super premium grade products using only hops, malt, and water which is the traditional way in the Czech Republic.
Apart from its plans to open its brewing facilities which will be based on the characteristics of traditional Czech breweries and incorporate them with a modern design, the company intends to open tour facilities where visitors can experience beer culture in the Czech Republic, and a Czech beer pub franchise equipped with a trendy interior and the latest production equipment.
The Korea National Food Cluster is cooperating closely with relevant organizations to help ‘Gold of Prague’ begin production during the latter half of 2016. More specifically, the Cluster is focusing its preparations on constructing an industrial complex, and designating Foreign Investment Zones. The Cluster is also working on even the smallest of details necessary for the successful opening of Gold of Prague’s factory and production including issues related to water supply and waste water treatment which are critical for beer production.
Meanwhile, ‘Gold of Prague’ has opened its official website in Korean this month to begin its business operations in earnest when it moves into the Korea National Food Cluster. For those who love Czech beer, it would be a great idea to take a look in anticipation of the original Czech beer brimming with romance from Prague arriving on our shores. ^^


<Gold of Prague> Korean SNS channels

 [Official website] : www.goldofprague.com

[Korean Facebook page] : https://www.facebook.com/goldofprague



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