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161013_%ec%98%81%eb%ac%b8Fried chicken is arguably one of the most popular food in the world. In Korea no fried chicken is served or delivered without pickled radish. Seine food Corporation, whose main business is supplying pickled radish to domestic fried chicken franchises, has signed a memorandum of understanding to move into the Korea national food cluster (KNFC) on 11th October this year and a sales contract on 17th October the same year. Let me tell you about kind of company it is and what kind of dream it is intending to realize at the KNFC.About Seine food Corporation

Founded in 2007, Seine food Corporation is a manufacturer of pickled vegetables and fruits whose major business is the provision of pickled radish which is served with fried chicken in Korea. It has been supplying pickled radish to top domestic fried chicken franchises, and has been preparing to enter the markets in northeast Asia countries such as Japan and to expand production lines in order to cope with increased demand.


Moving into the KNFC an opportunity to target oversea markets

Seine food Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding and a sales contract on 11th October, and is planning to move into the KNFC in order to expand production lines and to prepare for northeast Asia market advance. It wants to take over the designated area and break ground on manufacturing facility in this November so that it can move into the cluster in March next year. And it is also planning to reach the target market overseas through collaboration with the KNFC‘s global networking R&D team.


Go Yang-gon, the representative of Seine food Corporation, stated that he decided for his company to move in because the cluster offers attractive corporate welfare and he saw strong growth potential in food market. We wish that food enterprises whose products we find familiar would grow through this MOU.

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