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2017 Korea Society of Packaging Conference The National Food Cluster holds a Special Seminar


The Korea national food cluster (KNFC) spent busy days since its move to Iksan. On 21st October this year in Jejudo island, Korea Society of Packaging Science & Technology (KSPST) held a packaging symposium, which presented the result of years of study and the upgraded R&D capability of the KNFC. This is the information presented at the symposium.


Joint seminar of the KNFC and KSPST

Founded in 1994, with the major aim of establishing packaging science as an academic discipline, KSPST has been holding symposium annually and carrying forward businesses in concert with related industries. In this year‘s symposium, which was held in cooperation with the KNFC, varied topics were covered by the industrial and academic experts.


The KNFC shows its technology competitiveness
– Session topic: current state and future plan of agricultural produce packaging

Under the theme of ‘current state and future plan of agricultural produce packaging,’ the KNFC presented the business it was launching and the situation, alongside with four posters about the results of researches implemented by its Research and Support Center.



This symposium presented various research results of unique technology as the previous symposium received worldwide attention with its research on containers for microwaves, design of packaging for bread, and the change in the amount of oxygen in the protein coated bag.



Field of food packaging reflects the current trend of food industry more than any other fields. In order to cope with the technology development which accelerate further everyday, it is obvious that companies needed support. The KNFC is ready to offer help to foster world best food enterprises by providing with research infrastructures and varied operational support.

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