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In their busy daily lives, modern people are looking for health functional food in order to restore health and balance in life. Because of its advantage of convenience and time saving, the market for health functional food is growing every year. And this trend is obvious given that the number of health functional food corporations wanting to join the Korea national food cluster (KNFC) is increasing, wanting to take advantage of its R&D infrastructure. On 26th October this year the KNFC took a new company as its family member. Frombio Corporation is a health functional food manufacturer whose home is Jejudo island, the clean area of Korea. Let me tell you about it.


Frombio, the company which focuses on people‘s health and nature.

Frombio is a food enterprise which produces and sells the health functional food and ingredients. In its storage are extract from wild mango seeds which help with losing fat, extract from boswellia which is good for cartilage and joint, milk thistle which is good for liver, and ten other healthy ingredients which are not registered as health functional food. One of its products named ‘Wild mango perfect beauty diet’ reached the top of the home-shopping sales for health functional food.


The KNFC as the production base of health functional ingredients

Frombio Corporation plans to break ground on production line in the end of next June at the KNFC, which will serve as its production base of health functional food for both in and out of the country.


Then why did Frombio Corporation decide to move into the KNFC? Shim Tae-Jin, the representative of Frombio Corporation stated that he decided to move the company into the KNFC because he expected that his firm will have the benefit from the KNFC‘s global network, R&D facility, and corporation welfare in developing product and researching the health functional food. As the good ingredient comes from the fertile soil, healthy food comes from the good infrastructure. We wish for Frombio Corporation from Jejudo island to be active in the market with the help of the KNFC.

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