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Consumers choose to see the ‘packaging’ before finding a ‘taste’ food. In food ‘packaging’ will they regard as an essential element in the protection and promotion enhance the competitiveness and environmental friendliness distribution of the contents. Many food companies are constantly developing very interested in food packaging to facilitate the safety and preservation of food are absorbed. Food Packaging Center of the National Food Cluster offers a variety of research and development and support to meet the global trends in food packaging, the first domestic professional research institutions. National food cluster research and testing equipment introduced two shots! Today I’m going to introduce food packaging sector for packaging research side to grab a smart consumer.


Water vapor permeability tester (WVTR)
Barrier Evaluation according to the vapor pressure difference between the internal and external packaging material measure water vapor through the packaging material quantitatively, analysis equipment


The oxygen transmission rate tester (OTR)
Barrier Evaluation of quantitatively measuring the amount of oxygen passing through the packing material in accordance with the pressure difference between inside and outside of the packaging material, analysis equipment


Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
And metal films such as a testing machine to investigate the mechanical strength of the various materials the tensile test, compressive test, bending test and the like available measuring equipment


Gas Chromatography (GC)
The volatile state (gas) was made to analyze binding between substances such as ionization method in a state to measure available qualitative and quantitative composition of the organic material


Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system (GC-MS / MS)
Collecting the volatile organic components is high in the sample, and the qualitative and quantitative determination of the specific compound in the sample free system via a look that is separated by the small particles trapped compounds through electrical shock


Infrared spectrophotometer (FT-IR)
Equipment from the sample through the light absorption in the infrared region and measuring the frequency of the molecules within the sample through which to analyze the chemical structure, the combination of molecules of the sample


Ultraviolet-visible light spectrophotometer (UV-Vis)
Equipment through light absorption, reflection and transmission of the sample to be analyzed in the various areas of the light for analyzing a substance in which the sample is present

Beginning January 10, 2016 6 large national food cluster support facility construction and support national food cluster in the industrial park near the University of separate operating temporary release of the Institute is integrated in the national food cluster operating under the previous support. More than domestic food companies hope to be the world’s leading food packaging trends to take advantage of national food inspection research cluster food packaging equipment.

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