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Which increases the value of the food safety and quality! In particular symbolic quality of the food, the increase depending on the needs of consumers who prefer the sensuous ‘taste’ is an important factor that can increase the competitiveness of the food industry. National food cluster’ve been supporting all R & D research facilities for the symbolic quality and food safety and taste, flavor, texture through the Food Quality and Safety Center operations. National food cluster research and testing equipment introduced two shots! Today I’m going to introduce food quality and safety sector tend to correlate with consumer acceptability sight, smell, taste and quantitatively.


Electronic Tongue (Electronic tongue)
Five flavors of the sample (salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami) equipment to quantify statistically and quantitatively analyzed


Flavor component analysis system (UPLC-MS / MS)
Analyst System free sugar, organic acids and amino acids take advantage of the flavor material and only analysis mass spectrometry (MS / MS) system that can analyze components of the specimen through the flavor component for analysis


Electronic Eye (Electronic eye)
Alternative equipment for statistically analyzing the visual examination of the color determined by the amount


Electronic Nose (Electronic nose)
Equipment has the difference between the food and the pattern recognition and analysis via the mass spectrometer to identify the source material library differ I


Flow meter (Rheometer)
Precision device for measuring the rheological properties (viscosity, modulus, stress and shear rate) and the viscosity of the liquid food


Texture Meter (Texture analyzer)
Apparatus for analyzing by measuring the texture (firmness, elasticity, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, chewiness) through the food and the physical properties of the material analysis


Differential scanning calorimetry measurement (DSC)
Used to analyze the effect of heat and the specific heat of the sample for analysis equipment to determine the thermal properties of the materials associated with the thermal


Rapid viscosity analyzer (Rapid visco analyzer)
And also analyze the physical properties of the starch-containing foods and luxury private luxury equipment to quickly measure the quality-related characteristics


Crude Fat Analyzer
Equipment to analyze the lipid content in food samples

Crude protein analyzer
Equipment to analyze the crude protein content in food samples

Several years ago, honey butter chips, which attracted immense popularity has achieved sales of 103 billion to 100 days released captive consumers with a sweet butter flavor and crunchy texture. If the success I have achieved jyeotdago the endless analysis and testing to meet consumer acceptability. Food Research utilizing the human senses are not essential to the success strategies of the food industry. Symbol expect to achieve the dream of ever National Food Quality Analyst creates a cluster of food quality safety testing equipment research centers to take advantage of many food companies are high-value ~

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