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In the next year, it is expected that the related fields such as simple households and instant food market will become the core trends of the food and restaurant industry. It is the voice of experts that consumer demand for simplicity will gradually get closer to the center of the big stream going through the food and dining industry for the time being. An event was held at a glance to catch up with trends and up-to-date information on the domestic food and dining industry. This is the ‘2017 Food / Food Industry Outlook Conference’ hosted by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Livestock and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Grand Volume, COEX, Seoul. I went to the site blogging!
Korea Food Outlook 2017
Food & Beverage Industry Outlook Contest –


The Food Food Industry Outlook Contest hosted by the National Food Cluster Support Center is the first event held this year. It is designed to look at the food and restaurant industry trends and consumption trends next year, and to help the industry to find a response strategy. In addition, the meaning of information sharing for strengthening the linkage between agriculture and the food industry, which is emphasized in importance, has been added, and a large number of agricultural workers as well as food workers participated.
The first food and restaurant industry trend held in the event, the event is held …

The event was divided into three parts. Part 1 is a talk concert in which the top experts in each field such as agriculture and food distribution participated in the panel. Part 2 is the panel session where we can see the present and future of the food catering industry. Part 3 is seminar introducing the start-up company and food tech trend. The company consultation was conducted.


Realization of innovative food practical technology!
National Food Cluster Technology Forum


The ceremony included about 400 people including all the people involved in the food-eating field, domestic and foreign businessmen, and academic experts. The National Food Cluster Support Center held the “Innovative Food Practicalization Technology Forum” at the 2017 Food and Drink Industry Outlook Contest to provide information on the development of the food industry and related parties. Martin Halls, chief director of the UK Camden BRI, Carolyn Hauser of Fraunhofer IVV of Germany and Johann Marcelsen of Sweden Pack Bridge, introduced cutting-edge sensing technology for global food R & D, advanced sensing technology for food safety and quality, Announced packaging technology trends.

▲ Johan Martensen representative at Suedin Pack Bridge


▲ Fraunhofer IVV, Carolyn Hauser, Food Safety Manager, Germany

▲ Head of Food Division, BRI Martin Hall, Campton, UK


Consulting with world-famous scholars and entrepreneurs
I am looking back at my current position in the global food trend –


After the seminar, there was a consultation with food industry companies from world-famous scholars and entrepreneurs. They consulted with consultants on a one-on-one basis regarding the quality safety, functionality, packaging, and difficulties of the food processing industry in the field. I was able to have deep and realistic talks with the experts about the fields I had ever wondered about.

The food-eating industry is a field that is inseparable from our daily lives. It is an industry that needs much attention and constant development and research. The National Food Cluster, the first food-eating outlook contest, has been completed successfully! I look forward to the ability to lead and support the development of the global food service industry.

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