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Must-see Trend for Those in Food Industry! 2017 Global Food Trend TOP 10

Must-see Trend for Those in Food Industry!

2017 Global Food Trend TOP 10




To address challenges for those in food industry and help them advance into global market, Korea National Food Cluster introduces <2017 Global Food Trend TOP10> of Innova Market Insights, the consumer insights and data service provider in food industry.




As transparent business management and transparent products are emerging as a key trend, clean & clear labels have become new standards in global food industry.




Plant milk and alternatives for meat are all showing strong growth. Do not miss the consumers who want plant-based nutrition in their daily life.




Consumers are sensitive to food rich with sugar but still try to seek ‘sweeter balance’ with healthier alternative.




Break away from the traditional process of food development and view it from new perspectives.




Consumers’ needs of ‘healthier food’ are growing.




A growing number of consumers are investing more in food to get away from their hectic life and have indulgent time for a while.




This may be the hot tip for snack product developers.




Don’t forget kids are more open to exotic food and take serious consideration of animal welfare in selecting food.




Boundaries for food products are getting fuzzy. It is expected that the most innovative product will come out where two categories are overlapped.




Exotic seeds and grains like quinoa and chia seeds are getting their moment in the spotlight.


Introducing the latest trend in food industry, we wish all the member companies should grow into global players to expand their presence in wider markets overseas.

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