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[Meet a Member Company] BTC Corporation, Healthy Functional Food Ingredient Producer

[Meet a Member Company]

BTC Corporation, Healthy Functional Food Ingredient Producer




As a series feature of ‘The Korea National Food Cluster Meets with a Member Company.’ today, let’s meet BTC. BTC Co. was founded in 2006 and produces functional food ingredients, based on extensive research on food ingredients, from fermented red ginseng to anti-obesity ingredients and enzyme-processed green tea extract.

Based on in-depth research results, the company was able to earn multiple patents and has been showing unlimited growth potentials with active export to overseas markets, including US and Australia, as well as domestic business. Last June, the company completed a GMP plant for natural ingredients processing at the Korea National Food Cluster.

The company is set to expand production of high quality functional food ingredients and increase research on new drug with natural ingredients at the new plant. Now, let’s hear from BTC Co. that is taking another leap forward with the Korea National Food Cluster for its business overview and future business direction.



▲ A Scene of BTC Plant at the Korea National Food Cluster, Iksan


1. Please, introduce BTC Co. briefly.


BTC Co. is a leading company in the sector of bionics, committed to improving health and welfare of the public and has continued its challenge for the future with the vision of a company trusted by customers and respected by employees as a happy workplace. Major business areas include production of functional ingredients, based on R&D of anti-obesity ingredients, fermented red ginseng and green tea for domestic sales and export. The company has signed an agreement with global healthy functional food ingredient manufacturers for supply of these ingredients.


2. How did you come to focus on the business of producing functional food ingredients, such as fermented red ginseng?


As the public interest in health is growing and chronic diseases are also increasing together with population aging, social needs and demands for healthy functional food are also expanding, as part of disease prevention. So BTC Co. decided to shift its business focus to development of functional food R&D to contribute to ensuring healthier and longer life, preventing diseases and strengthening health, responding to the social trends of population aging and Rohas.

We are developing new functional ingredients, by assessing functionality of extract from natural substances and going beyond, we are developing methodologies of extraction and technologies for inclusion, enzyme processing and fermentation customized to the ingredients to improve bio usability and convenience in using the developed ingredients.



▲ Fermented red ginseng, the flagship product line of BTC Co.

It is set to make further efforts to develop diverse functional ingredients.



▲ Heathy functional food products, utilizing BTC technologies


3. Can you tell us how you came to join the Korea National Food Cluster?


We believed that the support the Korean National Food Cluster is providing would lay firm grounds for the food industry in Korea to grow up to the global level. It is well aligned with the vision of the company to contribute to health of the people by developing health functional food and that is why we decided to enter the cluster.

We used to use OEM production despite internal technological capabilities. With business support facilities of the cluster, including functionality test, quality safety and packaging, we believed that we would be able to advance for the better. So we signed an agreement to join the cluster to grow into a mid-sized functional food producer, with construction of a new plant and joint R&D.


4. How did you get to know about the Korea National Food Cluster?


We used to have interested in Food Valley of the Netherland and paid attention to the Korea National Food Cluster as we heard about the plan to build a food cluster in Korea. As we were set to improve R&D capabilities and expand production lines, we were interested in the cluster for years and participated in the Korea National Food Cluster. After continuous review, we decided to enter the cluster as we needed to build new production facilities.


5. Tell us about what you have been doing and achieving in recent years at BTC Co.


With continuous growth, BTC Co. posted KRW 18 billion in revenue 2016 and has significant potentials with about 30 employees. BCT Iksan plant construction started November, 2016 and now we laid firmer grounds for further growth of the company, with completion of the production plant June 28. The company keeps challenging to meet its ambitious target and dream, with the slogan 2021 BTC 2000.



▲ Patents and papers BTC Co. has been acquired and published.


6. Tell us more about the development of healthy functional food ingredients you are working on, together with Functionality Evaluation Support Center of the Korea National Food Cluster.


Previous studies showed that qing xiang mu grown in China has positive effect in treating respiratory diseases including asthma and COPD. BTC Co. is developing new functional food with the ingredients, under the new category of ‘respiratory health.’ Since there has been no prior case of using qing xiang mu as ingredients for food or medicine in Korea and abroad, it is expected to create high added value, once it is developed and launched in the market. Furthermore, BTC Co. is planning to develop medicine using natural ingredients, together with functional food, using qing xiang mu.


7. You are working on GMP certification consulting since the completion of the plant last June. Tell us about the progress and future plan.


Iksan GMP plant is receiving consulting service with support from relevant institutions including the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Korea National Food Cluster and standardization documentation and 1st internal GMP application evaluation were completed. Based on the results, it is expected to earn GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification September 2017.



▲ Photos from the BTC Iksan GMP Plant Completion Ceremony


8. Currently, the Korea National Food Cluster is running Employment Internship Program. How satisfied are you with the program?


We moved from Gyeonggi Province to Iksan, Jeonbuk Province to realize our grand vision but still had concerns over how to secure talents and workforce. However, as the Korea National Food Cluster built bridges with many local institutions including top-notch universities in the region, we were able to have competent talents we needed and this contributed a lot to getting us into the right direction. As a member company, we very much appreciate.


9. What is BTC Co’s goal in one year or 5 years in the future?


The coming 10 years will be the key to determine success in agricultural & bio materials industry in Korea as it will be the time to reshape the landscapes of global bio resources and materials industries in the world. We are set to expand the scope of agricultural industry, from a 1st industry to agricultural food industry in much greater scope. We are planning to maximize bio usability of existing functional ingredients with the technologies of inclusion, enzyme processing and fermentation and develop medicine with natural ingredients with the technologies.


10. What is your advice to companies that are considering joining the Korea National Food Cluster?


BTC Co. is a company that is striving hard to become the best in the bionics sector and we joined the Korea National Food Cluster to grow together with other member companies at the cluster, creating future-oriented synergy. With the support from the cluster and exchange with other member companies, we will make the utmost efforts in R&D and technology development.

The food and agricultural industries used to be categorized as a 1st industry but meeting the latest trend in the society and needs of R&D, they are emerging as high value-added industries. With its vision to be a company to contribute to public health with development of food ingredients and new drug with natural ingredients, BTC Co. is sharing the vision of the Korea National Food Cluster to strengthen industrial competitiveness of Korean food industry with R&D-based high value-added products development. We are looking forward to seeing greater success and growth of BTC Co. that is building its momentum after completion of the plant.

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