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Neo Cremar Co.’s Success Case Meets the One Stop Service and Technology of the Korea National Food Cluster

Neo Cremar Co.’s Success Case Meets the One Stop Service

and Technology of the Korea National Food Cluster




The Korea National Food Cluster is the only food industrial cluster in Korea built to lead technology innovation on agri-food sector and explore export market overseas. With an aim to turn processing-oriented food industry into high value-added R&D industry and shift focus in distribution in food industry from domestic market to export-oriented business structure, the cluster is providing a full package support for food companies from materials sourcing, R&D and export support.

Here is a member company that is expanding its business across the world, supported by the one-stop services of the cluster. It is Neo Cremar Co, a company that is developing and manufacturing functional sugars.

With its specialty in functional sugars, Neo Cremar Co. supplies to Shiseido of Japan and Metobolix and is recognized for its technology competence in global market. The main products of the company include specialty ingredients for diet food, functional oligosaccharide to improve bowel functions and dual type oligosaccharide.



▲ Zero Calorie Sugar with no calorie and Slow Calorie Sugar that is slowly absorbed, developed by Neo Cremar



▲ The company exported main ingredients for diet tablet, a popular weight control product in Japan


Low molecular yeast peptide, a functional ingredient for food for weight loss, is being recognized for the effect of inhibiting fat synthesis and anorectic effect and being exported to overseas markets including Japan, via B2B channel, as functional diet food. The products having the ingredient developed by the company ranked No.1 in weight control food category at drug stores in Japan. Also the company has won many awards from various institutions home and abroad, for the technological competence of main ingredients for weight control food, including oligosaccharide products.




It was 2015, when the Korea National Food Cluster and Neo Cremar Co. first met. At that time, Neo Cremar Co. succeeded in developing oligosaccharide, with efficacy in treating constipation in the elderly and signed a contract to export to Japan. However, the export was blocked as the company was not able to verify parts of the ingredients.




The Korea National Food Cluster handled the request from the company, leveraging internal infrastructure and helped the company verify up to 97% of the ingredients and prove efficacy of the product in treating constipation through animal testing. That led to successful completion of the export agreement. .

After the technology support, Neo Cremar Co. decided to move in to the Korea National Food Cluster. Currently, the company is building manufacturing facilities in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in the cluster to complete by the end of 2017.



▲ Kim Jae-whan, CEO of Neo Cremar Co. (third from the left)


Based on the synergy of the cooperation, Neo Cremar Co. and the Korea National Food Cluster showed outstanding results this year, too. August, this year, a project was launched to develop oligosaccharide and rice protein product, using organic rice, under the lead of the Korea National Food Cluster and Neo Cremar Co.

Leveraging the previous studies the Korea National Food Cluster and the oligosaccharide manufacturing technologies of Neo Cremar Co. it was designated as an innovative project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 2017.

The project will be conducted until the end of 2019 with support of KRW 2.55 billion in total project budget, including KRW 1.8 billion government subsidy and the expectation is running high on the project as it has strong feasibility and competitive edges to develop great export products. It is a large-scale project where experts from various fields, including Korea University, Pukyong University, Yonsei Dairy and SRC joined hands and overseas partners also participated in for successful commercialization of the products.

If the project successfully leads to product development and commercialization, it is expected to ensure consumption of up to 2000-ton organic rice a year and about KRW 300 million commercial production per 1 ton of rice, creating almost 100 times added value.

The Korea National Food Cluster will provide full-package services from the stage of providing organic rice for the project research to R&D and export support. The joint technology development project is also meaningful for the Korea National Food Cluster and Neo Cremar Co. as the two parties join hands to provide various supports for business activities of member companies as well as technology supports and to develop export products with high added value, using agricultural products of Korea.




Kim Jae-whan, CEO of Neo Cremar Co. said that the company is aimed to explore new technology-oriented market, with convergence technology, based on the R&D results. Neo Cremar Co. is planning to explore new market for functional sugars. With the completion of the manufacturing factory around the end of this year, the company will put more efforts on new product development and launch.

For the Korea National Food Cluster, member companies are the partners to create synergy for both parties. The success case of Neo Cremar Co. with technology competence and market competitiveness serves as guidance to show the future direction for food industries of Korea. To promote high value-added businesses, supported with strong R&D, the Korea National Food Cluster will become a hub of Korean food industry, providing one stop services of materials supply, technological support and industry, academia and research network building and export consultation.

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