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[Food Industry Trend] Packaging Innovation, Transparent Can or Bottle Container

[Food Industry Trend] Packaging Innovation,

Transparent Can or Bottle Container




Making good package is as important as developing good products, as package can change the whole appearance of products and have impact on the efficiency and cost of storage and distribution. Global food and drink market research and marketing consulting company, Innova Market Insights reviewed changing ways of packaging adopted by many global companies and here we introduce some innovative packages.




Over the past several decades, metal cans and glass bottles have been facing strong challenges from package like paper carton and plastic containers. In the end, it lost the lead in food and drink packaging. Now, cans and bottles manufacturers are facing another challenge; that is emergence of plastic containers in similar shape with cans and bottles.

US packaging company, Sonoco is one of those companies developing plastic cans. The package developed by Sonoco, named TruVue still has the merits of metal cans but is transparent, durable and much lighter.

US food manufacturer, McCall Farms has been using TruVue package to ‘Slow Cook Vegetable’ products since around 2016 end and it is widely distributed at many stores in southeast and mid eastern regions of US, along the Atlantic coast.

An official of sales and marketing division of the company said transparent cans were one of the most innovative inventions in can packaging for vegetable since 1833 when can products were first developed. Responses from consumer test were huge and impact in the stores were also impressive.




McCall Farms said the transparent plastic cans of Glory Farms allowed consumers to see the freshness of products and at the same time helped the company learned the buying patterns of consumers.

A source from a retailer, Ingles Markets also said transparent can packages are catching consumers’ attention at vegetable corner. The persons mentioned “There have been so many innovative packaging at retail stores but not many of them were can products. The transparent can package for vegetable was definitely innovative and had huge impact.”

7 types of vegetables from Glory Farms were packaged in transparent PET cans and different from general retort food, it took 3 times longer to cook the vegetables than others. A source said “The taste and freshness of vegetables can last longer, when they are cooked slowly at lower temperature and with easy-to-open cap on the top, it makes it more convenient for users to open and prepare for cooking.” Slow Cook lineup of Glory Farms consists of diverse bean products.




TruVue container is made of multi-layer plastic materials and has easy-to open cap made of metal materials. Different from other plastic containers, TruVue in this unique structure enables rapid heat transfer at the retort oven. The materials used for the plastic can is free from BPA and it can be directly produced from existing can package facilities, without additional facility investment.

Another transparent can manufacturer, Milacron Holdings Corporation disclosed ‘Klear Can’ technology last year. Located in Ohio State, US, the company sold the transparent can manufacturing facilities to a company in Asia.

An official at Milacron said ‘Klear Can’ is the first plastic can container in the market and immediately applicable to the field of food manufacturing. Just like TruVue, Klear Can can be used for diverse products, including fruits, vegetables, soup and meat and it allows the suppliers to see and learn directly what the consumers actually buy.

Klear Can is made of 98% polypropylene (PP) and the metal cap is locked with dual seal. The top lid has easy-to-open design and the plastic body is very light and usable in microwave. During years’ of development process, it collected and reflected positive feedback from consumers and finally, Milacron Klear Can package was launched in major global markets.




US transparent plastic can manufacturer, Milacron expects that the transparent can products of the company will reshape the landscape the market of metal can containers. Klear Can, made of transparent plastic can be totally reusable. After use, the small top metal part is left but in the process of plastic shredding, the metal ring is separated and left out.

According to Milacron, Klear Can can be used for up to 2 years and even compared to metal cans, it still has cost competitiveness. As it can share the same filler, seamer and sterilization facilities with existing metal cans, only minimum facility investment is required to produce the product. Since the manufacturing process of Klear Can is relatively simple, the package manufacturing facilities can be built as part of product filling factory of food manufacturers to ensure operation efficiency and flexibility in package distribution.

The transparent can package can endure heat up to 130°C temperature and sterilization pressure. With thorough quality test, the sealing part of Klear Can is very safe and reliable. The package is very light-weighted and has strong durability to stay intact in shipment including loading.




Another US package manufacturer, Crown recently introduced new types of metal caps, redesigned to be compatible with PPT bottles in various sizes. The new metal cap technology of the company enabled food manufacturers to replace glass bottle with PPT bottles. PPT bottles are much lighter and more efficient to supply. Also they can be long-lasting with strong durability.

The vacuum metal cap of the company can be an efficient alternative to replace the existing glass bottles with plastic bottles, while maximizing the merits of traditional metal caps. The product specifically targets food manufacturers, seeking efficient heat transfer in heating or cooling process.

Even for PPT bottles with wide mouth, such as 63mm through 82mm parameter or packages with decoration, the metal cap can be produced, using the same facilities for existing glass bottles and metal caps. As the cap can be also manufactured at the existing vertical vacuum line manufacturing facilities, companies do not need to redesign their processes. Also it is designed to stay tight in vacuum seal, without causing deformation of the package or disrupting package functionality.




The head of technology at Crown said the combination of plastic package and metal cap generated diverse impacts. One of such impacts is that food manufacturer are now able to maintain high quality package appearance while keeping consistent product image. Consumers can buy products at stores and move them more conveniently, thanks to plastic package.

It is interesting to see how PPT package will be used more widely in the field, as the transparent package made of high molecule materials looks a lot similar to traditional glass package. As growing number of food manufacturers came to realize the merits of PPT package, new metal cap technologies of Crown are gaining keen attention. The metal cap products of Crown are applicable for packages of diverse food products like jam, spread, salsa and pickle. It is easy-to-use and convenient and on top of that, it makes the products look more attractive and can be manufactured at the existing manufacturing facilities.




Packages are the outcome of deep thought over the food and efforts to improve consumer conveniences. The most innovative package will be developed out of genuine care for consumers with quest for continuous changes.



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