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Major Events for the Korea National Food Cluster in September

Major Events for the Korea National Food Cluster in September




The Korea National Food Cluster is planning to participate in as many gatherings as possible of the stakeholders in food industry both home and abroad. Starting from Daegu and Busan, investment promotion seminars are planned. Here are the main events for September.




1. Industrial Symposium, Jointly Hosted by the Korean Society of Food Science & Nutrition

The Korea National Food Cluster will host an industrial symposium jointly with the Korean Society of Food Science & Nutrition. The Korean Society of Food Science & Nutrition is an organization to contribute to academic development of food and nutrition sector in Korea with diverse academic activities.

At the symposium to be held under the title of ‘Functional Food Technology Trend & Product Development Strategy’ many experts including a professor from Campden BRI and people from the academic sector and food industry will attend and give presentation on the latest industry trend. It is a major industry event, attended by more than 150 participants from the industry, the academic community, relevant institutions and companies.


2. Investment Promotion Seminar Touring around Cities (Daegu)

Investment promotion seminar to introduce diverse supports from the Korea National Food Cluster and share market entry strategies of food companies in Korea and abroad will be held from September through November, touring around cities across regions. It will be held at EXCO in Daegu September 5. It will be a great opportunities to learn about the key initiatives of the Korea National Food Cluster, the high-tech R&D facilities and support programs and have a face-to-face meeting with the person in charge and ask questions and exchange opinions.



(source : FI KOREA)


3. Running Investment Promotion Booth at FI Korea 2017

FI KOREA 2017 with more than 7,000 experts in food industry will be hosted from September 20 to 22 at aT Center in Seoul. The Korea National Food Cluster will open an investment promotion booth at the exhibition to take a step closer to companies seeking opportunities of global food network building. It will be an opportunity to let overseas companies, as well as Korean companies learn more about the potentials of Korean market and seek ways of mutual cooperation. Come and visit us at the global food ingredients exhibition with more than 130 companies from 25 countries participating to learn global food industry trend and meet and discuss vision of your company with the investment promotion manager of the Korea National Food Cluster at the site.


4. Industry-Academia-Research Seminar in Palatability Quality Sector

As food industry continues to develop, needs of new technologies and higher quality are also growing. The Korea National Food Cluster is also making its utmost efforts to build the most advanced facilities and expert infrastructure, to meet the needs of companies and industry trend. As part of these efforts, the cluster hosts industry-academia-research seminar on a regular basis to help them better understand R&D facilities and seek new ways of utilizing the facilities. In September, the seminar on palatability quality sector will be held. We are looking forward to seeing active participation in the event of industry-academia-research, from interested parties in the industry and stakeholder, as well as member companies.

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