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Let the World Know More about the Korea National Food Cluster! Event with Media in Jeollabuk-do


Let the World Know More about

the Korea National Food Cluster! 

Event with Media in Jeollabuk-do




The Korea National Food Cluster invited reporters and journalists, covering Jeollabuk-do to the field of the cluster. It was a meaningful time to introduce the progress and status of businesses of the Korea National Food Cluster to those in the media sector, highly interested in the one and only food-specialized industrial cluster in Korea and explain the strengths of the Support Center, while touring around the facilities in the field.




Reporters and journalists, covering the office of Jeollabuk-do, along with the person in charge of public affairs of Jeollabuk-do Office participated in the field visit, starting early in the morning. Before touring around the field sites, Choi Hee-jong, head of the Support Center of the Korea National Food Cluster gave a welcoming speech and introduced the progress at the cluster. He introduced the status of the industrial complex currently building at the cluster and member companies, projects in progress and future plans to the group of reporters and journalists.




After the session, visit to the sites continued. The field visit was designed to introduce the one-stop services of the Korea National Food Cluster, while touring around the business support facilities of the cluster and enhance understanding of the reporters on the food industry.

The first site to visit was the Food Packaging Center. They gave a demonstration of box sample packaging for the reporters. They were all very interested in seeing that the package was built as designed just with several moves of the machine.

Next, they visited the Food Quality & Safety Center. At the center, the reporters were most surprised by and interest in the electronic tongue. It was introduced that the electrical tongue was used for studying diverse tastes and doing various experiments to improve food safety as it can analyze 5 major tastes; salty, sweet, bitter, sour and savory tastes, just as human tongue does.




The last destination was the Food Venture Center. At the center, they visited the member company, Balhyo Yes to look around its products and listened to the progress of the business. It was a meaningful time to know more about the types of supports they received from the cluster and how they are running the business, listening to the voice of the member companies in the field, the family members of the cluster.

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