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FOODPOLIS Startup Support Lab Round 1 Starts

FOODPOLIS Startup Support Lab Round 1 Starts




The Korea National Food Cluster’s startup support program for young entrepreneurs in the food industry, the FOODPOLIS Startup Support Lab officially started operation.

The FOODPOLIS Startup Support Lab received and considered applications in August and September, and finally selected successful candidates in late September. So many inquiries and applications were received from university students and young entrepreneurs who were passionate about food business and had fresh ideas.

Out of 19 applicants, four teams were chosen as successful candidates for the FOODPOLIS Startup Support Lab Round 1. Their highly-feasible prototyping plans and brilliant ideas were highly acclaimed. Here’s an overview of the successful candidates.




■ Soy Cheese

The Soy Cheese team proposed a plan to develop cheese using soybeans. Students at the Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries got teamed up to start their own business by combining their novel idea of “if you don’t like bean-mixed rice, enjoy soy cheese!” and their experience underpinned by lessons learned in the classroom.


■ Signal

Here comes a challenger to the startup scene, armed with a dessert made from rice. The members of the Signal have strong competency, which is proven by awards won in the Korea International Cooking Contest and many other cooking contests. The team is planning to combine rice grown in Korea and local specialties of Jeollabuk-do. They are fully prepared not only for commercialization research and development but also for market development.


■ Raonhage

Raonhage’s business item is “Today’s DT,” a diet drink full of essential nutrients. Their diet beverage is designed to find spot-on balance of nutrition when combined with chicken breast, the most common food item for dieters.


■ Body Design Lab

This team captured the judges’ attention with an innovative idea to make a diet functional dessert from chocolate and ice cream. They are so passionate about developing diet desserts to help dieters enjoy chocolate and ice cream, which are commonly considered their enemies, in a healthier way.




In September, the successful candidates for Round 1 attended an orientation held in the Korea National Food Cluster. They were briefed on how to run the Startup Support Lab and presented their business plans. Then they looked around the Korea National Food Cluster including its three core R&D centers, which helped them further concretize their prototyping ideas.




The Korea National Food Cluster will offer them opportunities to make prototypes, startup education, and tasting events. The first round of the Startup Support Lab will be run from October to the end of the year. The Korea National Food Cluster will serve as a stepping stone for them to turn their ideas into reality and realize their startup dreams!

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