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Pilot Plant GMP certified for health functional food production

Pilot Plant GMP certified

for health functional food production




Developing health functional foods is essential to foster high-value-added food industries. The Korea National Food Cluster had already started building R&D facilities and infrastructure to underpin high-value-added agri-food products from the very beginning. Thanks to such organized preparations, the Korea National Food Cluster’s key support facility, Pilot Plant obtained good manufacturing practice (GMP) certification for health functional food production in September this year.

The Pilot Plant was built to assist resident companies in prototyping and commercializing products. It has 70 types of equipment and professional staff for the commercialization of general processed food and health functional food products and offers customized small-lot production of prototypes, commissioned processing and production services, and process standardization tests.



▲ Facilities in the Pilot Plant


The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety runs the GMP system to ensure clean quality management across all processes from production and processing to packaging. Health functional foods may be produced (including commissioned and OEM production) only in GMP-certified sites, and this may be an obstacle for startups and companies without sufficient infrastructure to research, develop or prototype health functional foods.



▲ Ingredient extraction room in the Pilot Plant


As customers are increasingly interested in health functional foods, many companies are trying to develop products with many different food ingredients, new technology and fresh ideas. The Korea National Food Cluster’s GMP-certified Pilot Plant offers a full range of professional support to resident companies, businesses in the food venture center, and future entrepreneurs wishing to develop functional foods.





Now the Pilot Plant hangs a plaque that shows its GMP certification. Encouraged by this, other support facilities in the cluster are planning to pursue GLP and other certification programs. Underpinned by outstanding technical staff, state-of-the-art equipment and nationally accredited certification, the Korea National Food Cluster will position itself as a reliable food industrial complex for food companies.

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