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[Interview with New Member Companies, Joining in the 4th Parceling Out] Seyoung Ltd. Specialized at Meat Processing

[Interview with New Member Companies,

Joining in the 4th Parceling Out]

Seyoung Ltd. Specialized at Meat Processing




Today, we introduce a new member company, joining the Korea National Food Cluster, Seyoung Ltd., an agribusiness corporation Ltd. specialized at processing and distributing pork meat including pig head, special parts, sliced pork meat and meat stock. The company has an extensive history and presence, accounting about 50% of B2B distribution of processed pork meat in Jeonbuk Province and we met with CEO Lee Je-young of Seyoung Ltd.




1. Please introduce Seyoung Ltd. briefly.

Seyoung Ltd. is a company, processing and distributing pig heads and special parts of pork meat to produce sliced pork meat and meat stock. Before becoming incorporated in 2016, we ran pork by-products processing and distribution business over 20 years in Jeonbuk Province. Based on decades’ of experiences and knowhow obtained from meat processing business, the company is now expanding its specialty with diverse efforts including operation of exclusive line for pork head processing. Seyoung Ltd. is the only company, specialized at pork by-products processing in Jeonbuk Province. Also, we began a franchise business, opening the franchise store, Cheombone this year. We are set to expand the store network across Seoul metropolitan area soon.




2. How did you come up with the plan to open meat processing plants and franchise business?

Special parts and pork heads were not so popular in the past but recently, as consumers turn their eyes for intestine including pork tripe and entrails and certain parts of the meat like pork neck or blade shoulder, it has become a new trend to expand the market segments. Responding to the trend, Seyoung Ltd. is set to further segmentize by-products of pork meat and develop new businesses like franchise stores and pet foods manufacturing.


3. How did you come to learn about the Korea National Food Cluster?

Since I am living in Jeonbuk Province, I had known about the Korea National Food Cluster since long before. After becoming incorporated, we looked for candidate sites as we had a plan to expand the business across the nation and happened to see the notification for the 4th parceling out of the cluster. As one of my friends was at a member company of the cluster, I asked and got answers about many support and benefits of the cluster.




4. What motivated you to decide to enter the Korea National Food Cluster?

While running my business for so long, I received systematic support from the nation many times and it strongly appealed to me that we would be able to get systematic and long-term support for so many things from equipment to research resources from the cluster.


5. What would be the biggest benefits you expect to get after completion of a manufacturing plant on the site of the cluster?

We process many parts of pork meat all together at the current plant. Once we complete the plant at the Korea National Food Cluster, we will separate the lines for special parts, pork heads and intestine to further systemize the process from production to distribution.

We are also planning for new franchise business, focusing on sliced pork meat and meat stock and pet dog business. For these new businesses, we have established a technology research center for intensive R&D. Especially, for pet foods or snacks, pig ears not popular among Korean consumers will be used. It is expected to create high added value, utilizing the pork meat remaining not consumed due to low demand for new businesses.




6. What do you expect the most from the services and infrastructure the Korea National Food Cluster is providing?

We expect the well-established R&D infrastructure of the Korea National Food Cluster will be a great help for the development of products and PR statement. In fact, for an SME like us, it is not easy to fine information on how to apply for component or nutrition analysis and how much it will cost. We heard that we would be able to get help from the expert research staff and the state-of–the-art R&D facilities once we join the Korea National Food Cluster and it will be a great boost for component analysis and product packaging.

Also, we see many possibilities in diverse direction to connect livestock product to other agricultural products. Among the member companies of the Korea National Food Cluster, there are manufacturers specialized at beef, pork or chicken meat and others specialized at Kimchi. We expect to create synergy that the Korea National Food Cluster seeks to encourage based on close partnerships with other member companies.




7. Would you briefly introduce your plan for the coming 1 and 5 years?

We have been running business to provide clean and safe pork meat for consumers over the past 20 years. Connecting the expertise from the extensive experiences to the advanced technologies and the industry-academia-research cooperation of the cluster, we will grow into a leading company to run entire process of pork meat business from production to distribution. Also we are set to expand the business scope to cover other livestock products including beef, duck and goat products in the future.

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