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Specialty Education for Employees of Member Companies & Specialized Vocational High School

Specialty Education for Employees of

Member Companies & Specialized Vocational High School




The Korea National Food Cluster provided specialty education for employees of member companies. The education was provided in 3 classes of health functional food GMP enhancement, principles and practices of food packaging and food hygiene and safety regulations. As special participants, students from Korea Food Meister High School were invited. Here are the stories from the specialty education session, full of passion for learning even in the chilly weather in late fall.


파일럿플랜트 견학


The sessions continued for 3 days. The first day session was about health functional food GMP capability enhancement. Recently, Pilot Plant of the Korea National Food Cluster was designated as a GMP certified manufacturer by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, recognized for competent capabilities in health functional food manufacturing.

Supported by the designation as a GMP certified manufacturer, member companies of the Korea National Food Cluster are set to lead the functional food segments and for all the member companies, GMP education has become an essential. Participants of the sessions visited facilities of Pilot Plant to listen to detailed explanation. The educational sessions consisted of basic courses on GMP and participants were able to better understand fundamental elements for quality and safety for food products launching in the future.




The 2nd part of the education was about food packaging principles and practices. Food Packaging Center of the Korea National Food Cluster provides one-stop packaging services for member companies to help them for package manufacturing and logistics cost reduction.

Food packaging is much more than just making food inside look better with package. More efficient packaging technologies and durability to ensure safe shipment of food have huge impact on cost reduction in distribution and in the end, price competitiveness of food. We are looking forward to seeing brilliant ideas on packaging the member companies of the Korea National Food Cluster will develop and present after the education.




Lastly, the 3rd session was about food hygiene theory and practice. No matter how healthy and looking good the food is, if it is not hygienic, it is better not to consume the food. That is why education on food hygiene is essential and important both for member companies and consumers. During the session, participants learned how to keep the entire process from food production to packaging clean and hygienic.

The specialty education sessions were meaningful time to help member companies become practically ‘specialized’ at food hygiene and packaging to build stronger competitiveness in food industry. We hope the lessons from the sessions can help member companies grow further in food industry, making great products even better.

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