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The 7th International Conference of the Korea National Food Cluster Held Jointly with ‘Vitagora’ of France

The 7th International Conference of

the Korea National Food Cluster Held Jointly

with ‘Vitagora’ of France




International Conference of the Korea National Food Cluster was held November 15, 2017 The conference marked the 7th year in 2017, offering a venue to introduce food-specialized technologies of EU, developed by the industry, academia and research association with Vitagora of France and share technologies of food industry, home and abroad, focusing on practical use of the technologies.

Vitagora is a leading industrial cluster of France to seek food innovation. At the cluster, food companies, research institutes and educational institutes gather together to build a network with diverse global food companies. It signed an MOU with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in 2010 and has been maintaining close relationships with Korea.




At the international conference under the title of ‘Food Tech – Latest Technologies for Consumers in Food and Beverage Industry’, one keynote presentation and 5 presentations on technologies were provided.




Before the technology presentations, Professor Naeem Khan took the podium as a keynote speaker. During the presentation under the title of ‘Genuine Taste, Satiety and Metabolic Syndrome’, Professor Naeem Khan introduced research findings on obesity as a disease and how sense of taste affects our appetite.




After the keynote presentation, Ancelin Renault, a manager of Vitagora introduced Vitagora. Currently, more than 1,200 scientists, technicians and food experts join the cluster to apply the latest technologies from food processing, distribution and consumer sector, as well as agriculture.

Most of all, Vitagora has been conducting researches on consumer wellbeing since the cluster was founded. They identified 3 areas, contributing to promoting wellbeing of consumers as a result of the researches. First elements are the pleasure of eating, high sensory acceptability, life style and preference. Second element is healthy food, meaning nutritious food. Last elements are eco-friendly and resources-friendly food.




After the presentation in the morning, the luncheon meeting was held with participants and guests. At the luncheon meeting, Bibim-bap event was held to renew the commitment to exchange and cooperation between Korea and France and to introduce Korean traditional food to the world. The event ended as big success with fervent support and a big round of applaud as all the participants enjoyed the delicious food.




Outside of the presentation hall, member companies of the Korea National Food Cluster and teams from Business Start-up Support Lab introduced the products they developed and manufactured. Many visitors showed keen interest, participating, tasting the sample and asking questions about the food.




The afternoon session was opened with the presentation by Professor Lee Hye-seong of Ewha Womans University. The presentation was held, under the title of ‘Product Innovation and Quality Control, Leveraging Sensory and Consumer Science Technologies.’ Professor Lee Hye-seong said that consumers’ sensory process could be applied for food quality management.




The next presenter was Pascal Ronfard, CEO of Group Solactis, a food company of France. During the presentation under the title of ‘Innovation in Food Ingredients: Regain Health in Digestive Organs and Power of Intestinal Microorganism’, he explained how traditional food affects intestinal microorganism.




After the presentation, Professor Kim Jong-kyeong went onto the stage to have presentation under the title of ‘Packaging led by Logistics, Logistics Led by packaging.’ In logistics, packaging is made to protect products inside. Meanwhile, Professor Kim Jong-kyeong paid attention to cost. He argued that spending less for packaging can be a way of seeking opportunities for changes in logistics.




The last presenter was Maritte Schickard. During the presentation under the title of ‘Assistance to Individual Lifestyle to Promote Health with Nutrition: COOK2HEALTH Project’, the manager introduced the technological developments, changing our dietary.




After the presentations, 1:1 business meetings were held between food companies from France and member companies of the cluster. It was meaningful time to learn from practical advices by French food companies and discuss direction for future development.




The international conference offered valuable opportunities to strengthen commitment to exchange and cooperation between Korea and France and review the latest trend of food industry. Based on the achievements from the conference, the Korea National Food Industry will make continuous efforts for technology research to drive food industry of Korea.

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