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Food Showcased at the Investment Promotion Hall of the Korea Food Show to Inspire Hope

Food Showcased at the Investment Promotion Hall

of the Korea Food Show to Inspire Hope




While it’s the year-end holiday season, the Korea National Food Cluster is striving to attract more residential companies for the future. As part of these efforts, we operated the investment promotion hall at the 2017 Korea Food Show hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp. (aT).




With about 200 outstanding food and food material companies from home and abroad in attendance, the hall was busy throughout the three days with various activities, including business consultations held between domestic and overseas buyers and participating companies, as well as the presentation provided on the outlook of food service industry for 2018.




There were various eye-catching booths set up related to the food industry for visitors, including the small and medium-sized companies hall that showed the potential of SMEs, the trend promotion hall that was in connection with small and medium-sized food companies regarding the latest food consumption trend, and the future food industry hall that introduces the current status of development research and the possibility of future food materials, such as insects and plants.




During the four days of the Korea Food Show, the Korea National Food Cluster introduced Korea’s only food industry complex and operated the investment promotion hall with business consultations for participating companies and industry-university-institute experts in attendance.




A total of 26 companies, including those with outstanding development ideas in health functional food and those that are famous for robust operation, showed their interests in the Korea National Food Cluster and applied for consultation.




Consulting services were provided to food companies by meeting relevant personnel in person to examine the difficulties they face and seek ways of improving them. The professional coordinators of the Korea National Food Cluster were present at the investment promotion hall to provide various services like suggesting R&D infrastructure plans customized to companies and checking in-depth consulting schedule.




At the investment promotion hall, we showcased the products of residential companies and provided visitors with an opportunity to taste them. Also, SCDD with a snack business in Thailand participated in the booth. It was an opportunity to promote the benefits supported by the Korea National Food Cluster naturally through the voices of person in charge from residential companies.





In the case of food companies that established networks during the Korea Food Show, we strive to identify the needs of companies and seek ways to support them by inviting them to support facilities in the future.

In the upcoming 2018, we will continue to widely spread the potential and benefits to become the Northeast Asian food cluster by participating in famous food shows domestically and internationally. We invite you to the Korea National Food Cluster as we strive to become a global food industrial complex across the globe.

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