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Add Innovation to Food! Reflect Back the Korea National Food Cluster 2017

Add Innovation to Food!

Reflect Back the Korea National Food Cluster 2017




It is the year end to look back at the achievements of the year. December last year, the Korea National Food Cluster completed its move to Iksan, Jeollabuk-do and had an opening ceremony. Since it moved to current site, cluster has been driving many field-oriented initiatives in 2017 to build business network and strengthen support services in each area.

With these efforts, the cluster completed parceling-out contracts with 48 companies (as of December 12) and met with wide range of audiences through investment forums and exhibitions both home and abroad. With opening of research center of ‘Campden BRI’ UK and designation of pilot plant as GMP-certified facilities, the cluster has been strengthening credibility in food industry and strengthening its presence as the only food cluster in North East Asia.

Here is the major news in 2017 of the Korea National Food Cluster, the food industrial complex to support the entire food industry for every step from investment to product development, labor supply and sales channel exploration.




Opening a Research Center of a Global Leading Research Institute, Campden BRI


The Korea National Food Cluster opened a research center of Campden BRI, the global leading food research institute last March. Campden BRI is a private research institute of UK, providing food and drink research and services for more than 2,500 companies in 75 countries, around the world, having many global food companies, including Kellogg, Heinz and Danone as its members. Having the research center at the site opened ways to lead projects of food technology development with competent researchers at a global leading research institute and provide more extensive support for member companies poised to enter global market. After 2019, further investment will be made to establish an independent research institute at the cluster and provide advanced food technologies and services to member companies, having full-time regular researchers at the institute.




Hosting Investment Forums across the Nation from May to November


For those who wanted to learn more about the vision and support services of the Korea National Food Cluster, investment forums were held for people in food industry across the nation. Starting from Gwangju to Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu and Busan, the cluster visited major cities to introduce the infrastructure and benefits they can enjoy when companies become a member company of the cluster and learn what challenges they experience in running businesses in the field.




Campden BRI Food technology Workshop in July


Last July, a joint workshop on food technology was held with UK-based food research institute, Campden BRI for 3 days. Campden BRI was founded 1919 and is now growing into a global food research institute, providing food research and services to more than 2,500 companies in 75 countries around the world, including Kellogg, Heinz and Danone. At the workshop, targeting R&D staff at the support centers, member companies and other interested parties, the participants were able to learn about the latest technologies including micro component analysis that is essential to food industry.




Kim Young-rok, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affair Visited the Construction Site of the Korea National Food Cluster July


Last summer, Kim Young-rok, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs visited the site to see the status of construction of the cluster and look around the business support facilities. Visitors from the departments and ministries, including the Minister had in-depth discussion on the legislation of a special act to promote the cluster and the direction of the 2nd phase project. After the discussion, they visited the business support facilities at the cluster. It was a meaningful time to renew commitment of all to developing the cluster into the hub of agribusiness of Korea.




Notification on the he 4th and 5th Parceling Out of the Korea National Food Cluster August~ September


The Korea National Food Cluster recruited member companies with the notification on parceling out in the 2nd half of the year. Application submission and land lot supply were handled by Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH), the developer of the project. After the 4th and 5th parceling out notification, contracts with 8 companies including Seyoung, a specialized meat processer in Jeollabuk-do were successfully completed.




Pilot Plant Designated as GMP-certified Facility September


The pilot plant, built to support health functioning food prototype production and commercialization for member companies, was designated as a GMP-certified facility late September, 2017. GMP stands for good manufacturing practice, a system implemented by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety to control quality and hygiene in the entire process from materials supply to product manufacturing, processing and packaging. As the pilot plant was designated as a GMP-certified facility, the cluster became able to provide support for more specialized and extensive activities for member companies, companies at the Food Venture Center and start-up candidates for functional food development.




Food Polis Start-up Support Lab 1st Session was Held October


From September to October, members for the ‘1st Session of Food Polis Start-up Support Lab’ were recruited from those who wanted to start their own food business. Start-up Support Lab is a program to help college students and young people who are preparing to start their own food start-ups by providing opportunities for food manufacturing practices and education on business start-up. Final 4 teams with strongly viable business plans and brilliant ideas were selected. The cluster is providing opportunities for prototype development and start-up education and arranging food sampling for consumers for the selected teams. We hope to see the program to support start-ups will be growing even bigger next year.




MOU Signed to Promote Exchange and Cooperation with the Industry-Academia-Research Association in Jeollabuk-do October


The Korea National Food Cluster signed an MOU with 18 members of the industry-academia-research association in Jeollabuk-do to maximize synergy, leveraging the network of food companies, R&D infrastructure and relevant institutions. 50 representatives participated for the shared vision and goals, from research institutes, including Korea Food Research Institute and academic sector including Chonbuk University and Wonkwang University. This is expected to be an opportunity for experts in the area of food and agriculture to explore business feasibility jointly and forge partnership to share research infrastructure.




The 7th International Conference of the Korea National Food Cluster Held November


The Korea National Food Cluster hosted an international conference every year to share research achievements overseas and learn the latest the trend in global food industry The conference marked the 7th year in 2017 and was an opportunity to introduce specialized food technologies of EU, jointly with Vitagora Food Cluster of France and share the practical food technologies of both Korea and overseas. Participants showed high satisfaction with the event as diverse sessions were arranged from technology lectures to 1:1 business meetings between member companies and food companies of France.




The 4th International Symposium on the Industrial Revolution Held December


As an effort to drive the changes from the 4th industrial revolution in the food industry, the Korea National Food Cluster hosted an international symposium to discuss the direction to go and measures to respond to, for Korean food companies with experts in the industry, academia and research arenas from Korea and Germany. The symposium was even more meaningful as participants from Germany shared their expertise and knowledge on the ‘Industry 4.0’ policy of Germany. Including Hermann Joseph Schroeder, the director of Trade Promotion and Quality Policy at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, researchers from Smart Factory in Germany and packaging experts in Korea gathered together to discuss how the technology of convergence in the 4th industrial revolution affects food industry and what possibilities can be explored in the process.




The Korea National Food Cluster met with many food companies, representatives from the industry-academia-research association and government representatives from home and abroad in 2017 to explore possibilities of high added value food businesses and expand network. The year 2018 will be another important year to interconnect the network and create synergy. We at the cluster will stay committed to being faithful to its roles being bridges for more companies to enter global market. We are looking forward to seeing your continuous support and interest in the Korea National Food Cluster next year.

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