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News of the Korea National Food Cluster in December

News of the Korea National Food Cluster in December




It is already December, the year-end season. There are just few more days to go before the end of this year. People are making final pitch in their own position to bring a meaningful end of the full year. Member companies of the Korea National Food Cluster are also doing their utmost for successful end of the year. Here is the news of the member companies in December.


SCDD ‘Seaweed Snack’ Gaining Popularity in Global Markets



▲ Source: SCDD website


December 1, Korea Herald Business introduced a member company of the Korea National Food Cluster, SCDD in business section. SDCC is a manufacturer of seaweed snacks, founded 2011 with ambitious goal to introduce seaweed processed food of Korea that has No. 1 market share in global market.

Thanks to its extensive efforts, participating in a series of overseas trade fairs and meeting many buyers across the world, SCDD is expected to see more than USD 13 million in export this year alone. Seaweed was once considered as side dish but now it is recreated as a daily snack, raising awareness of Korean seaweed snack in global market. At the center of these changes, SCDD is leading the trend.

Currently, SCDD is exporting to ASEAN countries, including China and Taiwan. Since the company joined the cluster to diversify export market, it is expecting to build new channels in America and Japan in 2018, supported by marketing programs of the cluster. The company also established HACCP-certified manufacturing facilities, with support of the cluster. This will be a big step to earn certificates required to export food to global market in the future.


Green Road Is Leading Reward-based Crowd Funding with Funding for You



▲ Source: Green Road King Bean website


Greed Road, a member the Korea National Food Cluster is leading a reward-based crowd funding project with Funding for You. Green Road is a company that produces King Bean, caffeine-free horse beans. As King Bean is 100% caffeine free, it is good for women to enjoy even during pregnancy.

Green Road won the Prize of the President of National Agricultural Cooperative Federation in agrifood competition (TED) last year and was selected as a beneficiary of the promising start-up support from Chonbuk University and the start-up incubation support of the Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer.

CEO of King Bean once read from an old book that the ancestors roasted and ate horse beans while he was experimenting to grow and roast horse beans and ground the beans just like coffee beans. After countless attempts and failures, he was able to develop products with the best taste, similar to the taste of coffee.


Billy Angel, Awarded with the Citation of the Gyeonggi Province Council for Contribution to the Community



▲ Source: Billy Angel website


Billy Angel, a leading confectionary company, known to sell a piece every second, was awarded with the citation of the Council of Gyeonggi Province for its extensive contribution to the community. Many politicians and leaders including Lee Pil-un, Mayor of Anyang, lawmaker Lee Jong-gul, Vice Governor of Gyeonggi Province Kang Deuk-gu and Chairman of the Council of Gyeonggi Province, Jung Gi-yeol, attended the award ceremony.

Billy Angle is producing diverse bakery and confectionary products, including cakes and cookies and is running more than 60 franchise stores including those at Shinsegae and Hyundai Department Stores across the nation. Together with 179 employees, the company has been doing volunteer works and making donation to the local community since 2014.

Kim Jong-heon, CEO of Billy Angel said he was very honored to receive the citation and added it would be the first step to work more and serve better for the community and the underprivileged in the society.


Bio Leaders Acquired Patent in Japan for New Drug Substances



▲ Source: Bio Leaders website


Bio Leaders acquired a patent in Japan for a new treatment technology. It is a new treatment technology, applicable for diverse range of diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, from excessive mucus production, chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive bronchopulmonary disease and pulmonary emphysema. It uses HumaMAX-based core substance, γ-PGA.

The new drug substance is known to have no side effect from steroid. Development of the new substance is expected to provide alternative solutions to patients with respiratory diseases in their drug choices. Starting from Japan, the company is set to register patent in US, China and Korea.

Bio Leaders is preparing Phase 3 clinical test, using γ-PGA for cervical intraepithelial grade 1 (CIN1). It is also working on the research on combined treatment the vaccine, Adjuvant and immune check point inhibitor.


Cellonix Has Launched Plant-based rTG ‘Triad Omega 3 Green’



▲ Source: Cellonix website


Health functional food manufacturer, Cellonix launched ‘Triad Omega 3’, using purely plant-based ingredients for the first time in Korea. The product is targeting pregnant and lactating women and does not have fish smell as it uses seaweed as ingredients.

A source at Cellonix expressed strong confidence and pride in Triad Omega3, saying that the product uses the best Omega 3 ingredients. There are many Omega 3 products for pregnant women in the market but they have to take in multiple capsules as the contents and purity of Omega 3 in these products are relatively low. Triad Omega 3, containing DHA has higher than 500mg Omega 3 per capsule, with 70% or higher purity.

Other than Triad Omega 3, Cellonix also produces and distributes diverse functional supplements, including probiotics, Cell Ti, diverse vitamins and minerals.


science, chemistry, biology and people concept - close up of scientist hand with microscope and green leaf making research in clinical laboratory over hydrogen chemical formula


December is another busy month for member companies of the Korea National Food Cluster, full of good news from patent acquisition to new product launch. Looking at the member companies, spending the busiest last month of the year, expectation is running even higher for 2018. We are looking forward to seeing your continuous and passionate support for member companies of the Korea National Food Cluster in coming New Year, too.

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