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The Korea National Food Cluster Held a Forum, Inviting Anyway China to Discuss Matters of Export to China

The Korea National Food Cluster Held a Forum,

Inviting Anyway China to Discuss Matters of Export to China




The Korea National Food Cluster hosted a business forum, inviting Chinese distributor, Anyway China to support export to China. More than 30 participants from food companies and relevant institutions attended the forum to discuss ways of promoting export to China. These are the news from the forum where participants discussed strategies to enter the Chinese market, sharing knowhow of Anyway China to explore premium food market.




Anyway China was founded 2008, with company name ‘Anyway’ specialized at growing, processing and distributing organic agricultural products. The company will join the Korea National Food Cluster to produce processed agricultural products and export them back to China.

The company has a 400,000-pyeong farm in China and is distributing organic agricultural products and high-end foods for upper class consumers in China. It has a business plan to distribute its products and high quality organic foods of Korea under the brand ‘Anyway’, in partnership with organic food producers in Korea.

Currently, Korean foods including soy sauce marinated crab of Gunsan Valley Garden and mushroom of MiMi Cheong-garang are distributed by Anyway China at Ole Market in Shanghai. Soy sauce marinated crab was first exported and distributed in China, starting with 600 boxes February, 2017 and 1,800 boxes in total were exported by the end of December of the year.

The forum started with opening announcement and introduction of guests. At the event, they presented positive outlook on export to China and wished the best and the greatest advancement for all the participants. After that, Whang Gyu-gwang, director at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs awarded the ministerial prize to Lindy, the vice president of Anyway China and delivered a short greeting to the participants.




After the greeting, a session was held to sign an export agreement among Anyway China, Gaya F&D, Shinsagang and Fureme FS. Gaya F&D, a member company of the Korea National Food Cluster and an investment prospect company, Shinsagang and Fureme FS aim to expand export to China, by signing an agreement on export to China with Anyway China.

Gaya F&D has completed the parceling-out procedures at the cluster. The investment prospect company, Shinsagang and Fureme FS consider joining the cluster early 2018, as they expand export to China.

After a short brake and rearrangement time, the presentation on the projects achievements of the Support Center of the Korea National Food Cluster started. The presentation offered a chance to review the path we have been taking and think about the direction to go for the cluster in the future.




After the session, the participants moved around and had a free sampling event. The participants tasted the products to be displayed and sold at the Korean Booth at Ole Market in Shanghai March 2018. They also had a time to share opinions on questions or concerns on export to China in free and open environments.

Consultation with individual companies was also held on the sideline. It was an opportunity to share information with the member companies and prospect companies and discuss the way of further advancement. They discussed about the strategies to make success in Chinese market and explore export channels to enter the market.

As the final session of the forum, the participants toured around the Korea National Food Cluster. The tour was guided by the R&D Department of the cluster. It was a meaningful time to learn more about the activities and supports of the Support Center of the Korea National Food Cluster.




The forum was a great opportunity for the cluster to explore ways of promoting Chinese market entry and assess future growth potential. The Korea National Food Cluster wishes all the best and success of the companies set to enter the Chinese market and will continue its efforts to advance into a much larger market.

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