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Major Achievements in 2017 and Plans for 2018 of the Korea National Food Cluster

Major Achievements in 2017 and Plans for 2018

of the Korea National Food Cluster




Last year was a meaningful time for the Korea National Food Cluster to complete signing of parceling-out agreements with 50 food companies, with accelerated efforts to attract member companies. It also completed infrastructure building including roads, electricity, gas, water and waste water management to serve the member companies.



▲ Signing Board Hanging Ceremony for Campden BRI Research Institute of UK within the Cluster


In 2017, 50 companies (48 Korean companies and 2 overseas companies) and 2 research institutes joined the Korea National Food Cluster. Among the member companies joining the cluster, 16 companies started construction. 9 companies are already manufacturing products, completing the construction. The cluster is aimed to host 75 companies in total by this year.

At the Food Venture Center of the cluster, 32 companies were selected to be provided with support for further advancement of SMEs and venture firms in food industry and start-ups and signed an agreement to enter the cluster by the end of last year. Among them, 27 companies completed moving in and are now accelerating production at the cluster.

Among the member companies, meat processors and health functional food companies are the group with majority members, followed by fruit and vegetable-based food producing companies, drink companies, grain processing companies, confectionary firms and fish processing companies. It was possible to attract these member companies, thanks to diverse activities to attract investment and provide extensive services, including full-scale consulting and technology support for food companies, investment attraction, aligned to businesses, sharing of export information, financial consultation, support for business start-ups and global network building.



▲ Aerial View of the Korea National Food Cluster


One-stop services provided by 6 business support facilities of the cluster; Functional Food Evaluation Center, Food Quality and Safety Center, Food Packaging Center, Pilot Plant, Food Venture Center and Support Center were another key reason why the member companies decided to join the cluster. ONE-STOP support services are to make business support facilities readily available, support food R&D and prototype production, and provide practical help for member companies, including production and technology consulting.

The industry-academia-research association to help member companies secure competitive edge in overseas market is another key service of the Korea National Food Cluster. The possibility of growing into a key post in domestic and overseas food market to help companies enter global market was another factor to attract them to the cluster.



▲ Business Forum for Companies to Export to China



▲ Ceremony to Sign an Agreement of Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation in Jeonbuk Region


The Korea National Food Cluster has even more extensive plans for the coming year. To attract new investment, the cluster will build customized investment attraction strategies and host various forums and fairs. Based on the strategy to attract investment, the cluster is set to support companies to take full advantage of the infrastructure of the cluster and take greater leap forward, with full support of the cluster.

Also, ‘Business Consultation Center’ will be established within the cluster to provide support on full aspects of member company management, including taxation, labor, environment and license & permission. ‘Internship Employment’ program will be expanded to help member companies secure talented workforce.

To strengthen global competitiveness of member companies, information on non-tariff status in overseas market and FTA will be shared. Also, exhibition and sales spots will be established within the Support Center and experience programs will be introduced. Infrastructure for member companies will be further expanded.




The Korea National Food Cluster is expanding its services, with comprehensive and systematic support for member companies. It is doing its utmost to ensure member companies to hold the lead in global food markets. Ushering in 2018, the year of dog, we are looking forward to seeing your unwavering and continuous support to help the cluster emerge as new hub of global food market.

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