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President Yun Tae-jin Took Office as New Leader of the Korea National Food Cluster Support Center

President Yun Tae-jin Took Office as New Leader

of the Korea National Food Cluster Support Center




The Korea National Food Cluster started the yew year with inauguration of new president. During the inauguration event held at the conference room of the cluster January 16, Yun Tae-jin, former senior professional member of the Democratic Party, was appointed by Kim Young-rok, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs as the new president of the Korea National Food Cluster. Starting from the event, President Yun will lead the cluster for the coming 3 years.

President Yun Tae-jin studied regional development at Dankook University and received M.D. in distribution and logistics at Graduate School of Business Administration of the university. He had extensive experiences in business management and HR, working at the sales department of Korea Education Insurance and the distribution division at Samsung C&T Corporation and serving as a manager at the planning and management department of Korea Construction Management Corporation.

Since 2006, he started working as an expert member of the Policy Committee of New Politics Alliance for Democracy. After that, he served as a senior professional member and policy commissioner of Democratic Party until 2017, handling diverse issues on food industry.

Especially, President Yun has extensive experiences in diverse field activities. Based on the experiences, he will join the State Affairs Planning Advisory Committee to develop national agendas in food industry. Also, he is expected to play a key role for advancement of the Korea National Food Cluster, setting the direction for the agri and food business to go.


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President Yun Tae-jin said he would do the utmost to develop the Korea National Food Cluster into a new center of global food industry. He also added he would drive field-oriented support of the cluster, leveraging his years’ of experiences in the field of agriculture and food.

We are looking forward to seeing how the Korea National Food Cluster will further grow, led by the new President of the cluster, Yun Tae-jin. Please give continued support and encouragement for all members of the Korea National Food Cluster and President Yun Tae-jin, starting a new year with fresh and renewed commitment.

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