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The pulmuone has moved into the foodpolis

The spring breeze is blowing away! Spring is definitely here in thefoodpolis. It’s a very exciting day to be back with you all. Today I’d like to talk to you about the company that is moving into the country’s foodpolis. The pulmuone has moved into the foodpolis! You must be very curious because it is a very famous company. Shall we talk?
Let me give you a quick overview of the Pulmoun Company that has moved into this country’s foodpolis. Pulmoun is a company that hopes to live in harmony between healthy humans and a healthy global environment. We are making food with sustainable living goals. Life that coexists with nature! I think it is a really cool motif.
With foodpolis
Pulmoun will build a dedicated export plant in the foodpolis. The construction will begin from April to May this year with a capacity of about 2,500 pyeong and start to produce in the second half of next year. We also plan to expand our plant to 60 tons by 2021 for the rest of the site. I’m very excited that this investment will create about 100 jobs.

What is a foodpolis
Should I introduce thefoodpolis here? The foodpolis was created to innovate in the field of agricultural products and develop overseas export markets. The global food market is expected to grow to about 7.3 trillion dollars by 2019. Our country has the geographical advantage of being located in the heart of Northeast Asia with a population of 1.5 billion. The country’s foodpolis is seeking to develop overseas export markets and respond proactively to the global food market.

Meet foodpolis and Pulmuon! I’m already looking forward to it. It is already exciting spring as I think our brand will be widely known not only in Korea but also in foreign markets. The foodpolis is also working hard to prepare our company for globalization today.

Spring breeze season! The harmony of the foodpolis and Pulmuon. Please look forward to it!

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