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Business Counselor! I will get rid of Foodpolis.

When you do business, you may have inconveniences and difficulties. Especially if you have a cluster of various companies, it is important to solve the problem more quickly. Foodpolis has launched the Foodpolis Business Advisory Service to solve these problems. Business consulting office that solves the difficulties of investment, management, sale, and moving company immediately on the spot! Shall we talk together?

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Livestock Food and Beverage will open a Business Advisory Center on the spot to resolve the difficult part of Foodpolis on the spot. In April, we will be putting in five specialist staff including legal affairs, taxation, environment, licensing and licensing.

Business counselors are open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. It’s even more impressive that Foodpolis is available free of charge to any tenant or investment company. Sometimes you can not visit because you do not have time. Do not worry about that part either. If you have difficulty in visiting, you can consult immediately if you leave the question through the consultation phone and online counseling section (during the opening) on ​​the homepage. A really important point, right?

Foodpolis is always doing its best to solve the difficulties of tenant companies. In order to alleviate the difficulties of companies even before the business counseling center was established, we conducted consultations on an average of more than 130 times. As more and more companies are moving in, we will open a business consulting center to provide more professional advice.

So far, Foodpolis has signed contracts for 54 domestic and foreign food companies. The fact that we have built up a system that can be solved immediately on the spot can be a very important thing for companies in the future. Any questions you may have in the future please contact the Foodpolis Business Advisory Service!



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