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It’s a lovely day. Are you all enjoying your day? Foodpolis will recruit a second venture center tenant this year. Let’s find out how the conditions and screening process of recruiting companies in the venture center are conducted.


In total, no more than seven companies will be recruited for the second venture center. The rental space is seven rooms in total. As you can see in the detailed space plan above, you can move in up to two spaces in close proximity. You can register the desired rental space in advance and create up to 3 applications. The lease period is five years by default and can be extended through evaluation. Please note that you can extend the first floor up to 15 years and the second floor up to 10 years.

Companies that move into the second venture center have the following qualifications : First of all, it is the five major food groups that are the most important Foodpolis core strategies. The five major food groups are functional, bio and fusion technology food companies, fermenting and traditional food companies, food companies with natural additives and food ingredients, grain food companies, and global food companies. In addition, the company was selected by the tenant company review committee for food manufacturing, research institutes, and companies in need of the head of the support center.

On the other hand, there are some companies that are excluded. 1. A company that has a significant impact on maintaining safety of its business facilities or producing other companies, 2. A company that is being regulated by bad transactions from the financial period, 3. The food related statutes are violated.




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