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Shall we look around Foodpolis li R&D Corporate Support Facilities?

I’m sure there are many people in the food industry who are going into the food industry at this moment, who are already working on the food industry, but are struggling to expand into the wider world. If you have an idea and you have a problem with technology and development! If you have developed a product but have trouble finding a foreign market, see Foodpolis to solve all of this.

Foodpolis has seven support facilities for tenant companies.
– Food Quality Safety Center that provides technical support, food packaging center, and functional assessment center
– Pilot plant supporting production, food venture center
– Source Industrialization Center for Source Development and Prototype (to be completed in 19)
– We have a Foodpolis Support Center with business support.
Let’s take a look at the technical support section this time.

Q. It costs me a lot of time and money to gain individual recognition because I haven’t met experts and professional institutions that are suitable for developing healthy food products. Is there a place where professional consulting is available, from discovery of functional materials to commercialization?

A. The food functional assessment support center operates as a professional coordinator for the development of high-value health function food based on the domestic and international industrial network and supports the company’s commercialization process with One-Stop.


Q. We need to develop new products and evaluate the quality of new products, and evaluate and analyze the quality of the law. Is there any place that can improve food safety and quality that the consumer needs?

A. The Food Quality Safety Center provides services to analyze the safety of food materials and products. It will also support symbolic quality assessments such as taste, aroma, and texture required in the development of new products. Add consumer sensory evaluation and device analysis to identify problems and improve them to create recombinant, product enhancements and development. Especially how clean it is these days is very important.


Q. There is a difficulty with food packaging, is there any organization that specializes in food packaging?

A. The food packaging center is the only food related packaging center in Korea and provides TFPS services required by food companies such as product planning, packaging design, packaging material performance and safety evaluation, design support storage, distribution stability assessment training, and consulting.

Studying and developing high-value foods requires a lot of effort and attention. Of course, I think the support of various equipment and research facilities will lead to more accurate and precise research, and the results will certainly shine. Next time we will look around Production Support for Foodpolis.

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