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100-Day Diary of Yoon Tae-jin

1st Day

First Meeting with FOODPOLIS

Upon entering the inauguration ceremony hall, I was surprised to know that only 50 employees or so have to carry out all the tasks of FOODPOLIS. I could also read lots of expectations and worries on their faces

So, I made them some pledges while asking for their full cooperation for the success of FOODPOLIS.

I will never forget what happened on this very first day on FOODPOLIS.










20th Day

No Pain, No Gain

I’ve had more than 20 meetings with employees, heads of companies based in FOODPOLIS, local government officials, related institutions and journalists.

I’ve listened carefully to their compassionate feedback on FOODPOLIS.

Despite differences in opinions, one thing is clear: There’s a lot that FOODPOLIS must do. When can we do all of that?

30th Day

Innovate the Innovation-Oriented Organization (FOODPOLIS) Itself!

I requested the enhancement of our planning capacity to attract more businesses to the cluster, convince the government of our project plans, and build strategies for more efficient marketing of produced goods in the cluster

To that end, our organization needs restructuring with a focus on the improvement of our organizational dynamism and driving force.

A month has passed by so fast: I’ve expanded employee education, promoted a gender equality culture, and had ‘a top-tier cafeteria’ open its doors.

I hope the employees’ morale will skyrocket, won’t it?

40th Day

Declaration of Vision: Nothing is Impossible.

After much deliberation, I declared “The Development into a Mecca for the Innovative Growth of the Food Industry’ as the new vision of FOODPOLIS.

I also declared that Exports, Food Technology Innovation, and Job Creation as the organization’s new main objectives. I presented nine specific tasks to promote, including the establishment of Korea House in China, the construction of HMR Technology Center, and the expansion of startup and innovation space.

60th Day

The Good! Even Better as We’re Together.

– 한국농수산식품유통공사와 입주기업을 위한 수출지원 관련 업무협약(MOU)을 맺었다.

FOODAPOLIS signed an MOU on export support for cluster-based companies with Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation.

FOODPOLIS has also enhanced external cooperation to build the food technology related network and expand the certification of premium-class organic food through the execution of MOUs with public institutions such as the Korean Food Professional Engineers Association, the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service, and the Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization and Transfer.

We go anywhere to attract more businesses to the cluster. To promote the interests of all stakeholders of FOODPOLIS, we visit the National Assembly and the Government Complex in Sejong, among others, for numerous meetings.

The synergistic effect of FOODPOLIS will further expand through agency-to-agency cooperation. Let’s aim even higher!

90th Day

Come and see FOODPOLIS!

Representatives of food companies like Saempio and Pulmuone visited FOODPOPLIS and were surprised at the scope of its facilities and equipment.

We will have to work harder on invitations for PR purposes so that outsides can come, see and feel for themselves.

I personally meet visitors and brief them on the advantages of FOODPOLIS at least three to four times a week. Still, persuading them to commit themselves to investing FOODPOLIS is anything but easy.

I have high hopes about newly appointed investment attraction experts in terms of know-how and driving force.

100th Day

Let’s Move On with Love and Passion!

100 days have passed since my inauguration. There still remains to be done about my initial goals such as the transfer to a 100% support from the central government’s budget to lessen local governments’ burdens and increase the potential of project success together with the acceleration of the sales of the FOODPOLIS industrial land, and the kickoff of the second-phase of the National Food Cluster project.

Let’s move on with love and passion!

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