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Major Events in May 2018, including Info Sessions at Food Polis

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Seoul Food 2018, SIAL China 2018, 2018 THAIFEX, and the 2018 Overseas Investment Orientation are held from 29th April to 2nd May 2018 in Seoul, China, Thailand, and the United States. The program for the overseas investment info session will include operation of overseas investment attraction centers in Korea and participation in investment orientations held overseas.


The Korea Food Sanitation and Safety Society will host a special seminar entitled ‘A Seminar on Food Sanitation and Safety for Businesses Based in Centers’ in May 2018 in the Food Polis Support Center. In May, the Food Polis Support Center will host a food venture seminar on the topic of the enhancement of cluster businesses’ competencies through the presentation of success stories and the latest food trends by CEOs of domestic and overseas food companies and renowned experts.


Also, a joint workshop will be held for cluster businesses with the purpose of enhancing familiarity among them through lectures by special guests as well as time to get to know one another better. The tasting event for the Startup Support Lab Phase 3 will be centered on the presentation of the dishes prepared by the third support team.

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