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A New Model for the Sixth Industry Provided by GreenRoad

A Major Breakthrough by the Food Venture Center of the National Food Cluster

​King Bean Caferino of GreenRoad
“Healthy Sword Bean Coffee Developed by GreenRoad”​

​​The National Food Cluster is the savior for prospective entrepreneurs who want to start a food business with great ideas but get discouraged by the difficulties of technical development.Many prospective entrepreneurs that have succeeded in developing new items with bright ideas often give up on their dreams between test product development and the evaluation of food functionality.


For such prospective entrepreneurs, the National Food Cluster is equipped with seven types of support facilities available to member firms.


Kim Ji-yong is the CEO of ‘Green Road’, which has attracted keen interest from the local food industry for his development of a coffee replacement with locally produced sword beans and is currently based in Office No. 356 of the Food Venture Center of the National Food Cluster.

Make a Breakthrough!

CEO Kim entered the Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries with a business in the agri-food sector, during which he learned about sword beans from ancient literature. Through numerous tests, he became certain of the prospect that he could make a coffee replacement with the beans, and launched a startup called Green Road. ​


However, he was faced with an impediment as soon as he started contacting coffee processing companies to produce a prototype of the so-called horse bean coffee. They insisted that the smell of the bean coffee would change in the sword bean coffee production process, and refused the request to process the beans. He then tried to secure land to build a factory himself, but that did not go well either.


While seeking other ways to fulfill his dream, he came across a post by the Food Venture Center of the National Food Cluster for startups to join the Venture Center. He couldn’t help shouting ‘Eureka!’. Seeing the line stating that prospective entrepreneurs could also join the Venture Center, he exclaimed “This is it!”. On the last day for application, he wrote a sincere letter of application, resulting in his company passing the evaluation process and receiving a variety of benefits including free work space and technical support.

Assisted by the Functional Food Evaluation Center, the company has passed the ingredient test of sword bean coffee and launched its sword bean coffee brand called ‘King Bean’, which is being introduced by word-of-mouth as ‘Caffeine-free Coffee’ through online and other channels. CEO Kim says that upon entering the Food Venture Center, he was absolutely captivated by the equipment and infrastructure available for the development of a new product. Thanks to the comprehensive research facilities and the infrastructure required for the commercialization of new products at the National Food Cluster, CEO Kim’s ‘King Bean’ business moves along very well, like a boat with the wind in its sails.

The brand name ‘King Bean’ comes from the fact that sword beans are the largest of any bean produced locally, making it both ‘the king of beans’ and ‘the best for health’. ‘King Bean’ consists only of roasted and ground sword beans, and are prepared by brewing with hot water just like regular coffee to enjoy the unique savory aroma and slightly bitter flavor of the beans like a gentle Americano.

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