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Jeonbuk Province, ‘SCDD’ Hidden Champions for 2018

SCDD Corp: “I Am the Best”

The Product of SCDD Corp.
SDCC Co., Ltd., based in the National Food Cluster, has been selected as one of the province’s Hidden Champions for 2018. SDCC is a producer and exporter of gim (dried Korean seaweed) that the company processes in the forms of regular dried gim or gim snacks. In 2017, the firm’s exports amounted to US$15 million after widespread year-on-year corporate performances over the years.

SDCC has made a stunning growth since it established itself in the National Food Cluster. The firm has been selected as one of the seven ‘Global Hidden Champions of 2018’ in Jeonbuk Province by the provincial government, Jeonbuk Regional Office of Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and JEONBUK TECHNOPARK. The selected companies will be fostered as the province’s leading exporters, equipped with global competitiveness based on their potential to compete in the overseas markets and their corporate growth strategies and commitments.


SDCC completed its own plant in the National Food Cluster in 2017. It has been active in making the best of the various support programs provided and joining forces to enhance its export capabilities and upgrade its business strategies.


Kang Byeong-soo, CEO of SDCC Co., Ltd., said that the company’s selection as one of the Hidden Champions in 2018 was a results of the joint efforts made by his company and the National Food Cluster. Expressing his appreciation to the Cluster, he went on to say that in 2018, he would continue to work closely with the Cluster in various areas including research and development and overseas marketing.

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