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On-site sketch of outdoor evaluation in the final of Future Food King

On the exciting site of the main competition of ‘Food Tech Survival Future Food King’

​​We visited the filming site of ‘Food Tech Survival Future Food King’ of KBS1 TV which is Asia’s first food survival TV program. The filming site was busy evaluating the final presentations. The 29 teams selected by document screening gave 20 minutes of presentation per team and had Q&A session and then the exciting real main competition began making spectators breathless.

The team which introduced fish cake made with skate brought skate to the evaluation site and showed how to fillet raw fish. The team which applied with ‘protein bar’ made with edible cricket brought the crickets being actually grown and caught spectators’ eye. The distinct face of the participants was full of enthusiasm.



Responding to the enthusiasm of the participants, the evaluation panel composed of 12 MDs, food experts, product planning and marketing specialists, investment experts, etc. made participants nervous with sharp commentary and also gave warm advices.


Professor Lee Young-eun, one of the evaluators, said, “Various attempts made by exact grasp of the flow of the change of time is expected to be the engine for next-generation economic growth.” In addition, professor Lee Hyang-eun of the Department of Industrial Design at Sungshin University evaluated, “There are so many brilliant and amazing business items which are evaluated very positively.“


A total of 7 teams were selected in the evaluation to advance to the finals. The evaluation of the main competition of ‘Food Tech Survival Future Food King’ was conducted by using eyes, ears and taste for the fresh ideas and various test products of each team.

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