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Technology Guidance Workshop of Campden BRI of the U.K.

Technology Guidance and Site-customized Workshop of Campden BRI of the U.K. for the companies in Korea National Food Cluster

Korea National Food Cluster hosted an open technology guidance workshop for concerned people in Korean food companies with the theme of ‘The practical development of new food products – from idea suggestion to consumer survey.“

The technology guidance workshop was conducted by the lecture of Mr. Peter Burgess and Ms. Sarah Thomas of Campden BRI of the U.K. on May 9th and 10th in the small convention room on the 3rd floor of National Food Cluster Support Center.


The contents of the education were composed of the latest global technologies and trend necessary for the commercialization of the ideas possessed by food companies. In addition, the lecturers said that it is advisable to design products after conducting consumer surveys to secure market competitiveness.​


That is, qualitative and quantitative consumer surveys are required to find out the matters to be considered in the process of product development: Firstly, is there a market? Secondly, what is the target market or customers? Thirdly, in what situation do the customers use the product? And fourthly, how much price are they willing to pay for the product?


In addition, what are necessary to be investigated in consumer survey include; firstly, how much is the product differentiated from the existing products of competitors? Secondly, doe it satisfy consumers’ needs? Thirdly, is the profit in the concept well conveyed? And fourthly, are consumers willing to keep purchasing the product?

The lecturers also advised that it is important to identify the choice which is the most valuable for consumers and quantify usefulness, importance and imaginary simulation of market entry.


The road map for product development was summarized as firstly, find out consumers’ needs and investigate the profits consumers want to make by purchasing the product. Secondly, define product and develop the characteristic and the major attributes of the product to be delivered. Thirdly, manufacture the product after developing the test product. And fourthly, deliver the product to the final consumers and confirm that the value intended at the time of product design was delivered.

A total of 34 participants composed of the persons of the companies in the cluster and concerned persons of interested companies attended the lecture, and the session was held as a practical workshop in which the participants had personal experience.

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