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Sunsubon and Neo Cremar factories completed

News on completion of Sunsubon and Neo Cremar factories​

7-1. Sunsubon Co., Ltd.

“Continuing production of premium liquid food in Korea National Food Cluster”

Sunsubon has held a ceremony to announce the completion of ‘Bon Life Food Lab’ which is to manufacture special nutrition food in Korea National Food Cluster located in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do Province.

After the ground breaking ceremony in June, 2017, Sunsubon built ‘Bon Life Food Lab’ on a land of 32,849m² (about 10,000 pyeong) in Korea National Food Cluster. The factory is composed of about 3,000 pyeong of two-story manufacturing building and distribution building for the production of customized liquid food. There are also product experiencing room for customers, value exhibition room, quality guarantee room, etc.

With the completion of the factory, Sunsubon will begin earnest production of ‘functional porridge’ for infants, the elderly and patients to play the role of production base for exports to China, Taiwan, etc.

In addition, through the announcement of its vision, Sunsubon proposed a phased road map of the mid- and long-term goals and strategies for domestic and overseas markets until 2025.

The company also plans to be a comprehensive food company taking responsibility for happy table of global people citizens beyond Korea’s best customized healthy liquid food specialized company by implementing strategies to export rice power mainly to Asian countries, export Korean organic foodstuff, and develop and export finished goods .



2. Neo Cremar Co. Ltd. 

Neo Cremar Co., Ltd. flying high abroad with the wings of ‘functionality’
Neo Cremar Co. Ltd. (hereinafter Neo Cremar), a health functional food company which moved in Korea National Food Cluster, has completed its factory and begun operation in earnest. Neo Cremar has completed its third factory in the cluster on a land of 9,600㎡ after Seongnam in Gyeonggi-do and Janseong in Jeollanam-do to produce sugar products.

As a company specializing in functional foodstuff, Neo Cremar had a ceremony for the completion of the new factory to announce the second leap of the company both home and abroad by securing more than 20,000 ton of annual production capacity.

Neo Cremar had signed a confidentiality contract with Mitsui Sugar, the largest sugar manufacturer in Japan, presupposing investment. The company will have various consultations with Mitsui Sugar, a representative company specializing in functional sugar in Japan, on joint research, joint exploration of overseas markets, etc. in addition to investment.

Neo Cremar has established distribution network not only in Korea but also in the U.S., Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. by appointing agencies. In Japan, more than 50 customer companies in offline market are using the diet materials of Neo Cremar for their products.

Recently, Neo Cremar has developed organic galacto oligosaccharide for the first time in the world, and the company is expected to record more than 4 million dollars in exports this year. The company will expand the line-up for functional materials and organic products in the future including palatinose syrup, sleep improvement material, functional sugar based on organic rice, and protein hydrolysate.

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