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See the products of the companies in the cluster at Incheon Airport to TV home shopping

News on entry into Incheon Airport and Release of new product of Core Bio 

1.Support for companies in Korea National Food Cluster to enter TV Home Shopping

Korea National Food Cluster Support Center has introduced a system that can support the broadcasting in TV Home Shopping by product planning and production of insert video for the expansion of sales of the companies in the cluster. The system is also able to support receiving discount of the fee of the TV Home Shopping companies.


If a company in the cluster is selected to enter TV Home Shopping, the Support Center cooperates with the TV Home Shopping company on quality inspection of manufacturing facility, checking the data of the production process, composition of broadcasted products, establishment of broadcasting strategy, filming insert video, etc. for smooth preparation of the company in the cluster for home shopping broadcasting.

Meanwhile, Korea National Food Cluster plans to support 3 more companies in the cluster, which are suffering difficulties in sale due to low brand recognition despite high quality of their products, to enter the duty-free shop in Incheon International Airport.


The companies supported for the first entry into the duty-free shop in Incheon International Airport are the three companies of From Bio Co., Ltd. (4 items), Green Rush Co., Ltd. (1 item) and Suhwoo MS (1 item). The companies have begun selling in earnest on April 26. Following the first companies that entered Incheon Airport, the second companies to enter the duty-free shop in Incheon International Airport are the 3 companies of Pin Company Co. Ltd. (3 items), CONF (2 items) and Health Damoa (1 item)

The companies that enter Incheon Airport after the first an second groups are to sell their products in the food section in the SM duty-free shop (DF4) of the second terminal of Incheon Airport. The shop in this corner is composed of popular Korean foods, promising products selected by the government (commercialization, govern-certified products, etc.), travel items, retort food, etc.




2. Kombucha of Core Bio Co. Ltd., a hurricane to health beverage market​

Kombucha, a fermented beverage produced by Core Bio Co., Ltd., the first foreign investment company in Korea National Food Cluster, has been introduced to Korean consumers. Though Kombucha is not popular among Korean consumers, it is very famous among Hollywood actresses as a health drink.

Kombucha used to be produced by the traditional manufacturing method of Core Bio Co., Ltd., and the manufacturing technology has been innovated recently by the support of Korea National Food Cluster Support Center. The technological innovation was made possible by combining the technology of Buchi company in the U.S. with the fermentation science of Core Bio to have a better function than the existing products.

The technological innovation was made jointly by Korea National Food Cluster Support Center and professor Seo Hyeong-joo of Korea University. The new method applied for production of Kombucha increases the content of glucuronic acid that helps discharge of harmful materials and DSL (D-saccharic acid-1,4-lactone) which is a functional component that suppresses the generation of harmful materials through 4 stages of fermentation differently from only one time of fermentation process for the existing Kombucha. This technology has been applied for patent in Korea and abroad.

Core Bio Co., Ltd. said that the company will advance into the health drink market in earnest in late May with sales of Kombucha in home shopping market in Korea.

Meanwhile, according to the plan for domestic release in earnest and exports of Kombucha, the factory began main production by 4 stages of fermentation process with modern high-tech facility.

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