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News on closing of moving into the Food Venture Center

New moving into the 2nd Food Venture Center of Korea
National Food Cluster finished 


As the new moving into the 2nd Food Venture Center conducted by Korea National Food Cluster is completed, the list of 50 Korean and oversea food companies and 2 research institutes to operate in Korea National Food Cluster has been fixed.

The companies admitted this time are ATOGEN, Jihye Marine Korea, B&G Life, Neo Cremar, Fusion Celltech, Handsome and Hubio among the 15 applicant companies. The 7 companies finally determined for additional move-in passed the review of qualifications conducted for 2 days on May 17 and 18 and they are scheduled to sign the lease contract in mid June.

The Food Venture Center was built as a lease-type factory to support mall and medium food companies and food venture companies, and as of May 24 40 companies concluded contract to use 47 rooms out of 52 rooms. Also, the tenants of the 4 Lab rooms for youths’ food company foundation and the 1 room reserved for the winner of Survival Food King Competition have been determined, too. Among them, 29 companies have already moved in and began production.

It is analyzed that the companies chose to move in the cluster because it is easy to secure competitive edge in the world’s food market and establish a bridgehead in the domestic and overseas food market through industry-academy-research network. Also, there is the One-Stop support system provided by the core infrastructure of 6 corporate support facilities for food R&D and production of test products and various kinds of consulting on production, technology, etc.

The period of lease of the space in Korea National Food Cluster is 5 years in the first term and it is possible to extend the period twice (less than 5 years each time) and thus it is possible to operate in the cluster up to 15 years. Korea National Food Cluster is carrying out the specific tasks according to this year’s direction of accelerating attraction of strategic investments, reinforcing support for companies to reinforce global competitiveness, preparing long-term strategies for the cluster and expanding infrastructure.

While attracting strategic investments, Korea National Food Cluster is operating the ‘Business Counseling Office’ in the Support Center for support of managerial activities including tax, labor and environmental affairs (waste water) as well as licensing and approval, etc.

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