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Hs Food Ltd ​sighed with the Lksan National Food Cluster

HS Food Ltd. finds its place in the National Foods Cluster


HS Food Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Iksan National Food Cluster at the National Food Cluster Support Center located on the 4th floor of the Iksan City Hall building at 11 AM on the 14th. According to this agreement, HS Food plans to invest 3 billion won in the National Food Cluster and to start off by hiring 30 people, incr​easing employment to 100 jobs.

At the agreement ceremony, CEO Park Yun-hui said that the company will make contributions to achieving synergy in partnership with Heesung Industrial Co., Ltd. Ltd. and Naturetech Co., Ltd. for rejuvenation of the regional economy while creating jobs.

HS Food Ltd. operates its food system entirely on a partnership basis. First, it consigns eco-friendly farm products such as strawberries to HS Farm, an agriculture corporation, and inspects the safety of foods through Naturetech Co., Ltd. in terms of pesticide residue testing, soil analysis and food safety checks, etc. HS Food then processes the agricultural products that have been confirmed to be safe to sell to the domestic/overseas markets.

HS Food, located on Seokjeong-ro in Yongji-myeon, Gimje City, is in an advantageous location to utilize specialty products from the Jeonbuk area as it is in the triangle connecting Gimje, Iksan, and Jeonju. Its geographical advantage is also considered superior for logistics and distribution.

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