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Foodpolis tenants into china

National Food Cluster tenants venture into Shanghai, China.



Tenants at the National Food Cluster opened the K-Café at the agricultural/food product complex PR booth on the “Sunny Walk Shopping Mall” in Shanghai, China.

At this K-Café, there will be various Korean food sampling events and sales including the Cheesecake by Pincompany and Capsule Tea by CONF. Other menus include the handmade kimchi by Haneul Kimchi, Ganjang-gejang (Raw crab marinated in soy sauce) by Valley Garden, Tteokbokki (Hot and spicy stir-fried rice cakes) by Purme FS, and scorched rice by Haenaru Agricultural Association.

The K-Café can be an effective tool to analyze the food consumption trends in China where the demand for imported food is steadily increasing, as it provides a good chance to follow the domestic consumers’ response to the Korean agriculture and food products as often as possible. In addition, sampling offers are highly likely to generate actual consumption, so expectations are high for Korean food companies to gain more chances to enter the Chinese market.

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