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Live healthy & happy! Top 10 trends in the food industry for 2018

Live healthy & happy! Top 10 trends in the food industry fod 2018


Innova Market Insights announced the top 10 trends for 2018 with new launches in the international food and beverage market.



  1. Mindful Choices – Consumers who favor wellness foods are worried about the perceived healthiness and ethical attributes of any given food.



  1. Lighter Enjoyment – ‘Lighter’ has become a keyword for bakery products high in carbohydrates. These products highlight the phrase ‘Better-For-You’ on the front packaging.
  1. Positively Processed – Consumers are increasingly wary of processed foods, and have been looking to more ‘natural’ processed foods. This trend prompts the makers to highlight ‘nature’ in their products and to emphasize germinated ingredients produced using new and advanced technology based on traditional methods.
  1. Going Full Circle – Projects to address plastic pollution are all the rage these days. There will be more interest in environmental friendly products such as no-waste food products, innovative uses for food waste, and biodegradable packaging made of milk protein.



  1. Beyond the Coffeehouse – There will be a push to make tea as popular as coffee thanks to its health benefits. Innovative tea drinks will be created, such as green tea flavored alcohol-free beer, espresso spread, coffee & dream, and matcha tea flavored chocolate.
  1. Say it with Color – New food and drink products with vivid colors and sophisticated black draw attention with a new consumer approach. Naturally colored foods are considered to offer brand-new taste or health benefits.
  1. No more boundaries in food services –According to a survey, dining has been influenced by the home-visit food service by amateur cooks who personally enjoy cooking, trends where the food service turns more retail, and in-shop concepts presented by cafés and brunch restaurants prompted by the evolution of food service.
  1. Uniting health, flavor, and consumer needs for food intake – Consumers also consider the health aspect when choosing snacks (snacks) that go beyond the level of focusing on flavor, as well as the increasing desire for food during the day.



9. There is a distinct rise in the seaweed product volume in the market. Seafood emerges as the versatile ingredient applicable to all types of foods.

10. Flavors that stimulate consumers’ curiosity are becoming increasingly diverse. With this trend in mind, the food companies keep diversifying limited version products, and release more such products to find the most successful flavor.

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