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Trend of Chinese food market (aT Export News)

What to know about the agriculture and food import and export procedures for the Chinese market



The Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation completed the ‘Stepwise Import/Export Procedures for the Chinese Market,’ which effectively sums up the useful information about the process, from export approvals as per the trade-related laws and regulations to customs clearance, quarantine, and follow-up management, as well as administrative and documentation procedures and the details on the relevant authorities in China.


While exports to China are gradually recovering, the government continues to toughen the customs and quarantine procedures on agricultural and food products, such as with required export-related documents, strict hygiene standards, and labeling. Nothing could be more important than for the agricultural/food product exporters to make thorough preparations.


Recently, the food paparazzis snooping out on imported foods are very frequent and even organized on a group scale, requiring the food exporters to remain ever more vigilant about the national standard substance naming rules, confirmation of substance availability between two countries, and others. The exporters to the Chinese market need to thoroughly review what could possibly violate the ingredients, additives, and nutrient enhancement regulations by the Chinese government and the expressions allowed by the country’s Advertising Law. Labels written in Chinese that meet the government regulations are a must.

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