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The Ministry of Agriculture, announce the trends of the food industry.

“Smart Factory”: Expect no calm and safe place amid the impending 4th Industrial Revolution 



As the Fourth Industrial Revolution begins, the Smart Factory is gradually moving into the spotlight for the food industry to make its way into future growth industries as well. In response to these changes, the government is pushing an agenda to ‘establish 20,000 smart factories by 2022’ as major government projects.

In this regard, the government seeks to address the labor shortage in the food industry by disseminating and expanding smart factories of food companies, while improving global competitiveness by boosting productivity and upgrading quality management, alongside improvements in the work environment and creation of quality jobs. In the meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs hosted a seminar to activate the smart factory in the food industry with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era.

Various business cases and applicable technologies for the food industry were covered in this seminar: how Harim Group applies the technology to the onsite business as it nears the completion of the first-ever smart factory as a food company by the year’s end at the National Food Cluster located in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do; KPMG Institute of Economic Research’s introduction on the shifting industry paradigm by the year 2030 centered on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Smart Factory; how Nongshim Engineering applied the smart factory; and other project presentations.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries decided to establish a collaborative system with the relevant organizations such as the Smart Factory Promotion Committee and the Korea Food Industry Association to provide systematic support for the dissemination and expansion of Smart Factories. The ‘Smart Factory Guidelines for the Food Manufacturing Industry’ will also be produced and distributed, training provided to the operations workforce for the smart factory in the industry, and R&D support for advanced upgrading of facilities and processing technology as part of various proposals to disseminate the smart factory across the food industry.

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