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The National Food Cluster teems up with Grumby and Farmers Land Food

National Food Cluster teams up with Grumby  and Farmers Land Food GmbH 



In the National Food Cluster, various efforts are being made to revitalize the export of tenant enterprises. The National Food Cluster has accordingly signed a three-party business memorandum of understanding with Grumby and Farmers Land Food GmbH based in Germany regarding the tenants’ exports to Europe and investments in the National Food Cluster.

According to this MOU, Farmers Land and Grumby are signed up to establish Farmers Land Korea within the National Food Cluster and to invest in facilities for the production of frozen foods in the future as well.

CEO Ralph Schulz stated, “In line with the explosive growth of diet food products in Korea, we will produce frozen vegetables and frozen fish using our proprietary freezing technology to go alongside the frozen smoothies currently in the market and export them back to Europe.”

Likewise, Yun Tae-jin, Chairman of the National Food Cluster Support Center, remarked: “This three-party business agreement should enable us to make contributions to expanding exports to the European market and prompt investment offers from foreign companies.”

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