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The Korea National Food Cluster to Achieve this year’s Goal of 75 Resident Companies

 The Korea National Food Cluster to Achieve this year’s Goal of 75 Resident Companies​


The Korea National Food Cluster is the only industrial complex in Korea that specializes in the food industry and it is made up of 6 facilities that support the resident companies, including the Functional Food Evaluation Center, Food Quality and Safety Center, Food Packaging Center (production of trial products, etc.), Pilot Plant, Food Venture Center, and the Food Cluster Support Center (administrative support).​


In addition, the cluster is equipped with a one-stop support system that is geared towards becoming an ‘export-oriented food industry mecca’ through supporting food R&D and the production of trial products, and offering various forms of production/technology consulting.​


President Yoon Tae-jin of the Korea National Food Cluster Support Center stated, “We will become an advance base for food companies by pro-actively seeking interested companies and attracting over 160 companies by 2022, and by strengthening the support our resident companies require such as enhancing the conditions of the facilities or reducing technical errors.”


Currently, 36.5% of the area has been sold with a total of 56 resident companies (445,500) including one corporation. Considering the progress so far, the cluster is expected to easily achieve its goal of 75 resident companies by this year.

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