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Food Trends Selected by the British Delivery Company, “Deliveroo”

Food Trends Selected by the British Delivery Company, “Deliveroo”


The influential British delivery company, Deliveroo, has predicted the “top food trends for 2018” based on their delivery orders of 2017.


“Gluten-free” was analyzed as one of the key words in the food industry of Europe in 2017. Besides just that, other noticeable trends included the consumption of Japanese cheesecake and smoothies.


​Top 6 Food Trends for 2018 by Deliveroo


1.Vegan dishes and meat alternatives: Deliveroo Netherlands predicted that meat substitutes or vegan (vegeterian) food made with vegan proteins will become the main food trend of 2018.



​2. Superfoods: Deliveroo Germany has noted the increase in sales of superfood, a regional specialty, as a food trend of 2018.

3. Middle Eastern cuisine: Deliveroo Germany also predicted a rise in popularity of Middle Eastern food.

4. Poke bowls: Deliveroo England and France selected poke bowls, a Hawaiian dish.



5. Sherry wine and Mocktails: Deliveroo Spain has chosen sherry wine and mocktails as popular foods of 2018.

6. Burritos: According to Deliveroo Ireland, burritos were the second most delivered food in Ireland last year. They have predicted that other Mexican foods such as tortillas and vegetarian menus will continue to become more popular.


Source: REAL FOODS (http://realfoods.co.kr/)

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