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National Food Cluster Consumer Panel Interview

Satisfy the consumer!


The Korea National Food Cluster Support Center is operating a consumer panel system for consumer research and tasting evaluations for the products launched by its corporations. We have met with a member of the consumer panel responsible for taste evaluations, proposing ideas and exchanging information, to hear more about the activities of the consumer panel.



1. What, if anything, made you decide to join the consumer panel?

I did not have many opportunities to be a part of a panel or do monitoring activities, so I was very happy to receive the opportunity.


2. Where did you see the recruitment announcement for the consumer panel?

I learned of the National Food Cluster through bus ads and later saw a post on a local ‘Mom Cafe’ website. After seeing this a few times, I eventually visited the National Food Cluster homepage. 



3. What do you do as a member of the consumer panel?

We first thoroughly check the raw materials and ingredients and evaluate whether the price is reasonable. 

4. Do you have any thoughts about the foods you have evaluated during your activities as a member of the consumer panel?

The dried fruit chips that we evaluated recently was most memorable. Even though it is actually pretty easy to dry fruits at home these days and there are numerous dried fruit products out there, I thought the product used very good quality ingredients.

5. Are there any ideas or suggestions related to food you’ve thought of while participating as a member of the panel?

The vegetable milk I evaluated today was a little milder and thinner than the milk or soy milk sold on the market currently. It was less sweet than the milk and soy milk we usually drink and it seemed suitable for gulping down when you get thirsty. So I thought it would be a great idea to advertise the product targeting children.



6. When do you feel that the panel activities are the most worthwhile?

Because we deal with the products of smaller or mid-size corporations, my options for buying products has gotten much wider. I’ve accumulated more knowledge about food and ingredients and I feel very proud of the fact that even my opinion alone can help create a better product. 

7. May we ask, what else would you like to do in the future as a member of the panel?

This work is not overwhelming because it only requires me to work once a week and the time (1~2 hours) is quite practical. If the opportunity is provided again next year, I definitely plan on participating again. In order to do so, I plan to work even harder this time.



8. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I wish the variety of products being evaluated would become more various. I also think it would be good if a more detailed consumer panel system is created next time, organized with separate teams for different groups such as college students, employees and housewives. 


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