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Food Tech Future FoodKing Winning team Ah-yeon flower’s championship story

Food Tech Survival Future Food King Winning Team

“Zinc Flower” Interview Questions

Q. Congratulations on winning the Food Tech Survival Future Food King event! How do you feel?


A. Even during consumer evaluations, I felt that God was on our side and I believe that we were fortunate enough to be able to win the finals. I was proud that we entered the preliminaries at 7th place but am ecstatic about being able to win the whole thing.


Q. What has changed since you won?


A. Since we appeared on television, we have received viewer inquiries about purchasing, as well as a call from the local department store and are planning to begin selling our products in July.


Q. How did you prepare for the competition?


A. We got the idea of creating a natural fruit carbonated drink from kimchi, water kimchi and radish water kimchi, a few of the traditional fermented foods of Korea. We contemplated on how we could feed children families our traditional foods and came up with the idea of making a natural carbonated drink using fruits and vegetables.


Q. What kind of help did you receive from the Korea National Food Cluster while preparing for the competition?


A. We received advice on supplementing fermented microorganism strains, inoculation methods, fermentation periods, fermentation temperatures and charging methods with the help of the Korea National Food Cluster and the Sunchang Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry. As a result, we were able to produce a product with an upgraded taste and flavor. We also received help in terms of the design from the Packaging Support Center of the National Food Cluster.


Q. How did you feel during the competition?


A.  I felt that all the novel ideas contestants were able to conjure up were simply amazing. We will do our best to consistently develop tasty and healthy products using our fermentation technology and fermented microbes.


Q. Although the Zinc Flower Team won the competition, we heard that the other teams gave you a run for your money. Which team were you most worried about and what made you regard them so highly?


A. All the teams’ ideas were so great that you cant choose just one, but personally, I thought the Horse Bean Coffee Team’s King Bean Latte was quite original. It was unique to make decaffeinated coffee using horse beans.



Q. What are you future plans as the winning team of the Food Tech Survival Future Food King event?


A. Although we are still in the initial stages of our business, we will do our best to create a manufacturing system that can grow in tandem with our consumers, the local farmhouses and the corporation, to become a future food company that consumers acknowledge, even if it is for the long term.


Q. Is there something you’d like to say to the competitors who are preparing for the 2nd Food Tech Survival Future Food King?


A. I believe that a little bit of confidence in your idea with a consistent show of effort will go a long way and sincerely hope that your idea will be receive the recognition it deserves and be incorporated into the future food industry. Just get out there and give it your best!

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