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‘Diet Jelly Wild Mango’ Hit Company, FromBio, Groundbreaking of the National Food Cluster

‘Diet Jelly Wild Mango’ Hit Company, FromBio, Get on the wings of Growth



‘FromBio’, the 23rd company to move into The National Food Cluster, held a safety prayer ritual with a groundbreaking for the constructing a GMP Ik-san plant on August 10.


‘FromBio’ manufactured OEMs in the interim, but now moved into The National Food Cluster and established a GMP factory with facilities which can concentrating and extracting functional foods to manufacture functional materials.​



FromBio’ is certified in 10 individual certified materials, including wild mango seed extract, Boswellia extract, and mastic gum powder. Also, it gained much popularity by selling wild mango, which is the diet health food, through TV home shopping. Currently, it is trying to expand its sale to Chinese home shopping and Vietnamese markets.


(Source : http://www.frombio.co.kr/​)


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